Scalable MSO infrastructure for residential and business services

Cable operators have two challenges: maintaining their stronghold in the residential services market while venturing into new revenue-generating segments to enhance their service portfolio. Both objectives need to be achieved on a converged network. What are the characteristics of such a network, though?

Yoram Levkovitz, senior solutions manager at ECI Telecom, writes: “The two objectives, namely the differentiation of residential video content and the move into new segments such as mobile backhaul and enterprise services, require operators to rethink their network architecture and aim for an optimized, carriergrade infrastructure that will allow them to effectively compete in both the residential and business segments.”

Given all of the different services that must be supported, "deploying and maintaining a network capable of such robustness and bandwidth capabilities requires a different approach to network architecture design – one which demands the capabilities made possible mostly by a carrier-grade packet optical platform solution, which extensively supports QoS per port, per user and per service type,” Levkovitz explains. >>>More


Running Hot? Don’t Sweat It. Modular Cooling for High Heat Density Racks.

Peter Hayden, director of services for sustainable power at Webinar sponsor Alcatel-Lucent, explains a new modular cooling system that costs far less to install, costs far less to run, and cools so well that it demonstrably extends the service life of the equipment it is cooling.

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