SCTE rides engineering renaissance
The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers has built up a mountain of accomplishments during its previous 40 years of existence, and now that mountaintop is providing a good perch for where the association needs to go in the future.

Roughly 100 days into his term as president and CEO of the SCTE, Mark Dzuban has a pretty good idea of where the SCTE is headed in both the near and long term. Dzuban said focus groups composed of cable operator chief technology officers and other members of senior leadership teams are currently being formed to define where the industry as a whole is headed and how the SCTE can help the MSOs reach their goals. >>>Continue 

5 Ways to Optimize ROI in QoS/QoE Monitoring Systems
Steve Liu, vice president of product management and business development at Mixed Signals, discusses how a service provider should evaluate its goals for QoE and the potential for savings, even before buying network monitoring equipment.

Liu writes: “Cable operators and IPTV providers have been buying quality of service or quality of experience monitoring systems to improve video service quality as a way to compete for new subscribers and combat churn. Many have found, however, that traditional monitoring tools are difficult to use and often generate so many alerts that it is hard to determine which to react to first. As a result, operators are getting a diminishing return on these tools as they become impractical.

“Just like any other investment, a return on investment assessment should be considered before a monitoring system is purchased, and the results closely tracked following deployment.

“Service providers should consider whether the monitoring system can help identify critical subscriber-impacting issues, especially those that are intermittent, and annoying issues such as video tiling and audio disruptions in the digital TV system.” >>>Continue 


We have several Webinars archived, with complete audio and PowerPoint presentations. The most recent are:

Critical Impact: Delivering Comprehensive Business Services to Advanced SMBs
To satisfy the needs of the increasingly sophisticated SMB market, service providers can offer advanced business services and complex features to unify and manage communications services.

The panel includes: Charles Scarborough, director of product development, Cox Business; Barry Rogers, director of telephony product development, Rogers Cable; Brian Cappellani, chief technology officer, Sigma Systems; Gerry Kaufhold, principal analyst, In-Stat; and Paul Adams, director of product management, BroadSoft. >>>View On-Demand 

Time-Shifting: Optimizing Bandwidth for New On-Demand TV Applications
This Webinar touched on several methods of delivering content on-demand, including classic VOD, network PVR and Internet video. No matter how content is served on demand, network operators are going to have to handle more traffic; this Webinar goes over methods for managing bandwidth resources in an on-demand environment.

Panelists included Yoav Schreiber of Current Analysis; Nabil Kanaan, director of product marketing, RGB Networks; and Alan Hoff, vice president of product marketing, SeaChange International. >>>View On-Demand