Part of managing an access network is optimizing the traffic that flows across the network. Easier said than done, right?

Sandvine has been smack in the middle of some of the gnarliest traffic optimization efforts in the past year.

Sandvine’s co-founder and chief technology officer, Don Bowman, covers how the cable industry has gone from essentially a standing start to sophisticated traffic management techniques in “The Evolution of Traffic Optimization.

Bowman writes: “The challenges facing today’s broadband network are a result of technical and business decisions made early in the evolution of public data networks. There is a constant contention between users and operators, applications and networks, as well as regulation and flexibility.

“Today’s broadband service providers are exploiting the latest application and user-aware policy-based network management systems to ensure that every user receives their fair share of bandwidth.”


Providing business services still has enormous potential for success (see “You snooze, you lose”). Our January 22nd Webinar goes over more specifics on how to target this market.

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How can cable operators build on their momentum in the commercial services market to expand the scale of the business, create new business service offerings, and reach out to new markets and customers? Leveraging a highly reliable, flexible and resilient network ensures that an operator can deliver carrier services and support critical business voice and data applications. Extending service reach and scaling operations efficiently using service routing, carrier-grade optical access and transport, and powerful, yet simple, operations and management tools are keys to ensuring profitability.Listen to the archived broadcast.

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