Deep packet inspection (DPI) is too important a tool not to use, but it must be used judiciously. 

In Resolving the Security Threat: Deep Packet Inspection for Residential Gateways, Sanjeev Challa, chief technologist of the Gateway Products Group at Ikanos Communications, makes the case that DPI can be effectively deployed in residential gateways.

Challa writes: “Residential gateways (RGs) have evolved dramatically over the past decade into devices that support time-sensitive and higher-bandwidth applications. RGs are now capable of delivering a vast array of services – such as voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP), advanced IP television (IPTV) and security services.

“DPI uses packet payload inspection to prevent hackers from attacking end nodes, and prevents hackers from manipulating service delivery parameters and impacting QoS requirements of sensitive traffic.”


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