In addition to the article from Mixed Signals, we have two others exclusively on the Web that will provide more critical viewpoints on network monitoring.

Eiji Miyazoe, CEO of OSS BroadNet, on open architecture solutions to status monitoring. Here’s a taste: The open architecture solution combines the data collection and diagnostic capabilities of a unique advanced status monitoring system with the open architecture of an administrative operations support system to provide a highly streamlined, automated means by which cable operators can facilitate locating, reporting and fixing of performance problems in network electronics and passive elements, including nodes, trunk amplifiers, bridgers, line extenders, power sources and taps.

Triveni Digital’s CTO Richard Chernock and Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing Ralph Bachofen write about a new SCTE standard for transport stream monitoring. Here’s an excerpt: 
The ability to recognize defects at the transport level is key to isolating and localizing issues. However, with numerous transport-level issues to consider when evaluating the health of DTV content, operators have found the sheer volume of errors overwhelming and attempts to address all of those errors impractical, and in some cases unnecessary. To help cable operators prioritize monitoring data, the Hybrid Management Sub-Layer (HMS) Subcommittee of the SCTE introduced the SCTE-142 recommended practice. continue...


• Juniper Networks: (Nov. 13), Juniper’s Mike Sheehan discusses how to make the network do the work of figuring out how to dedicate the appropriate resources to each customer. Register Here.

• BigBand Networks: (Nov. 20), Paths to Personalization: BigBand’s Biren Sood compares and contrasts the economics associated with a suite of technological options for personalization of video services, including switched digital video and IPTV. Register Here.

Alcatel-Lucent: (Dec. 11), Check the Web for details and to register!

The October Capital Currents stated that Comcast is under no obligation to reveal its traffic management methods. Comcast has in fact submitted documents to the FCC detailing those methods. These documents can be accessed at

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