Symmetricom Broadband White Paper
Delivering High Quality Video over IP
Why Your Digital Video Service Must be Monitored

For years, network and service monitoring tools have been providing operations engineers with invaluable information for troubleshooting, diagnosis and problem resolution. With the introduction of new high bandwidth, real-time video services that stress IP network infrastructuremonitoring solutions become even more critical. Escalated end-user expectations for video quality—especially for HD—combined with the negative business impacts of delivering a poor quality service, are driving demand for higher quality and new video-focused monitoring solutions.

Figure 1: Customer is the Monitoring System 

Impairments to video services can come from a wide variety of sources. Having not been designed for large volumes of real-time video traffic, “best effort” IP networks do not meet the quality requirements of today’s digital video services. In addition, video architectures are becoming more complex and constant content manipulation from the content owner down to the end-user also adds additional corruption risk—encoding/transcoding, digital ad-insertion, splicing, statistical multiplexing, and up/down conversions are examples of such manipulations.

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