March 05, 2008 
IPso Facto...


A couple of weeks ago, Ruckus Wireless demonstrated how easily and reliably it can transmit multiple HD channels using new Wi-Fi technology.

The demo so impressed a hall-full of cable's wonkiest at the CableLabs Winter Conference that they voted the Ruckus ZoneFlex Smart Wireless LAN System the best new product idea most likely to succeed. Too bad cable won't be able to use it for distributing video in subscribers' homes.

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Brian Santo, IP Capsule Editor & CED Magazine Editor
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DirecTV, EchoStar waiting on AT&T
By Mike Robuck

Reuters has reported that AT&T is still in discussions with DirecTV and EchoStar regarding reseller agreements of video services in the former BellSouth footprint. Continue


Suddenlink surpasses 100,000 VoIP subs
By Mike Robuck

Suddenlink Communications said in February that its VoIP service had more than 100,000 subscribers. Continue

AT&T adds VoIP in K.C.
By Brian Santo

The inexorable expansion of the U-verse continues apace, as AT&T introduced VoIP in its system in Kansas City. Continue


Comcast in seating shenanigans at FCC hearing
By Brian Santo

At the FCC's hearing in Cambridge, Mass., Comcast filled the limited-seating room with hired spectators, according to an Associated Press report. Continue

FCC weighing Comcast's view in net neutrality spat
By Brian Santo

Service providers should not be able to block Internet traffic, most speakers agreed at a public forum convened by the FCC in Massachusetts. Continue

NAB Show 2008Comcast P2P flap inspires false advertising lawsuit
By Brian Santo

A class action suit against Comcast has been filed, accusing the MSO of misrepresentation and false advertising with regard to its network management practices involving P2P traffic. Continue

McAfee's Internet security tools deployed by Cox
By Mike Robuck

Cox Communications Arizona is using Internet security tools from McAfee for its Cox Security Suite. Continue

Verizon announces $200M network expansion in Mass.
By Traci Patterson

Verizon plans to spend $200 million this year in Massachusetts, expanding its FiOS TV service to an additional 30 communities and offering its high-speed Internet service to 23 additional communities in the western part of the state. Continue

Synacor integrates platform into WOW!'s online infrastructure
By Traci Patterson

Synacor has completed the integration of its recently enhanced platform technology and white-label portal into WOW!'s online infrastructure. Continue

Infonetics: WiMAX, VoIP, IMS, routers, switches shined in '07
By Traci Patterson

The WiMAX market, sales of service provider VoIP and IMS equipment, and sales of service provider routers and switches all shined in 2007, according to recent reports from Infonetics Research. Continue


The mass media killer: IPTV, reported by FierceIPTV.

The essential guide to wireless VoIP (WVoiP), according to VoIP News.


Company: Comcast Media Center (CMC)
Headquarters: Denver
SVP & COO: Gary Traver
URL: www.

Claim to fame: The CMC provides businesses with "one-stop shopping" convenience for efficient and cost-effective ways to create and deliver content. The CMC offers clients services from high-quality, high-end production facilities to a variety of distribution options, including satellite, fiber and IP.

Recent news of note: The CMC launched "HITS Broadband," which will provide cable operators with an alternative to IP connectivity and give them the ability to tack on additional advanced services that will be supported by the CMC.