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   June 01, 2007 
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Exploiting a niche
Brian SantoAs it has long intended, Covad Communications has severed phone service from data service in its ADSL2+ network, and is now offering standalone ADSL2+ to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in 11 markets.

Three speed tiers are available: up to 8 Mbps, up to 10 Mbps and up to 15 Mbps in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

Those speeds are roughly equivalent to what cable operators offer to their SMB customers, in those instances when MSOs actually have coax running by company premises. Covad's 15 Mbps tier goes for $195 a month.

Standalone ADSL2+ is only just now available, but Covad has some experience offering faster service with its T1 products, and the results are encouraging. The company in early May added a bonded T1 service, where it combines two T1 lines to provide 3 Mbps symmetrical. The bonded T1 has nearly double the ARPU ($400/mo. versus about $750/mo.) and has more than double the margin. (Bonding three and four T1s is on the company's roadmap).

Standalone ADSL2+ is just one more product in Covad's portfolio of products aimed at SMBs. The point is that Covad is thriving in the SMB niche, going after what many consider to be low-hanging fruit, signing contracts, and building customer relationships.

Brian Santo, IP Capsule Editor & CED Magazine Editor

UTStarcom adds Optibase's encoding platforms for India deployment
UTStarcom will integrate Optibase's advanced H.264 media gateway (MGW) 5100 IPTV encoding platforms into its RollingStream IPTV solution.

The combination is for UTStarcom's deployment with a provider of IPTV solutions in India called Aksh Optifibre. Aksh is the second largest optical fiber company in India. It launched IPTV service launched in Delhi in October 2006.


Reports fly that Avaya is up for sale
Avaya has postponed its scheduled mid-year investment community conference, scheduled for May 31st, without citing a reason, raising speculation that the company might be for sale.

Avaya specializes in IP telephony, and competes with Cisco, a vastly larger company, in the enterprise market. Wall Street analysts have been expecting Avaya to combine fortunes in some way with a larger partner.

Cisco itself could be a suitor, though a Cisco-Avaya combination might raise antitrust concerns. Another company frequently cited by analysts as a potential partner is Nortel Networks.


Comcast expands footprint into rural Vermont area
Comcast has begun a 300-mile extension of its fiber network to reach 58 small communities in rural Vermont. The extension was obligatory under an agreement signed by Adelphia with state regulators. Comcast acquired the former Adelphia system last year.

Comcast will start by offering video and data services. The launch of Comcast Digital Voice in Vermont is scheduled later this year.

The Rutland (VT) Railroad shut down in 1963

Cox, TWC expand bandwidth with OpVista
Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable are using OpVista's nWave networks—which can boost existing single 2.5Gbs wavelength capacity to 10Gbs, can boost overall network capacity from 40Gbs to 800Gbs and can increase 10G networks to at least 4.0Tbs, the company said.

The nWave product suite is the same as OpVista recently launched "AnyWave" optical networking product family. The company renamed it "nWave" due to a similarly named product—Vanu Inc.'s "Anywave" multi-standard cellular base station.


Company: SeaChange International
Headquarters: Acton, Mass.
CEO: Bill Styslinger

Claim to Fame: One of the leading vendors of video-on-demand servers. Serving up streams for IPTV was a natural fit.

Recent News of Note: SeaChange provided software, servers and middleware to India Online (IOL) Broadband, for its launch of India's first IP-based on-demand television service to more than 250,000 subscribers. The company helped Corvette in Russia launch IPTV services.

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