IS SpainWith about 13 percent of its 45.5 million residents (as of mid-2006) as broadband subscribers, the country of Spain placed tenth worldwide, according to Point Topic’s “World Broadband Statistics: Q3 2006.”

But it still lags behind neighbors Germany, France, Italy and the U.K. “Spain is the seventh-largest European country, but it acts like a third-tier country,” says Piero DePaoli, director of product marketing at iPass, a global remote access network. “There’s just not as much big business going on there.”

The incumbent–Telefonica–runs the show as the overall and ADSL leader. And ADSL dominates the Spanish market with more than 80 percent of the market share.

Recent trends include bundled services, channel bonding technologies to achieve faster speeds, and interest in IPTV, FTTH and 3G technologies. What follows are some brief statistics and a glance at Spain’s major players.

Spain broadband stats
• 19.2 million Internet users*
• 6.1 million broadband subs***
• 4.8 million DSL subs
• 1.3 million cable and FTTx subs

• Headquarters: Derio
• Cable and broadband operator in Spain’s Basque Country.
• Provider of Internet–including WiMAX and WiFi–digital cable, and fixed and mobile telephone services via its fiber optic network.
• 380,000 lines in service*
• 327,000 fixed-line telephony subs*
• 146,000 broadband subs*
• 46,700 digital TV subs*
• Signed agreement with Vodafone Spain last year to launch MVNO  service.

• Headquarters: Madrid
• Offers telephony, Internet and broadband services over its fiber optic network.
• 247,451 ADSL subs**
• 29,793 dial-up Internet subs**

• Headquarters: Madrid
• Provides telephony, Internet and cable TV services.
• 1.5 million telephony subs***
• 985,947 Internet subs***
• 913,638 cable TV subs***
• Acquired Retecal in 2003, and Auna in 2005.
• Obtained a license to operate an MVNO last year.

• Headquarters: Paris; Spanish branch in Pozuelo de Alarcon
• Subsidiary of France Télécom
• Offers Internet, TV, and fixed-line and mobile telephone services.
• 10.3 million subs****
• Operates in seven other European countries, and in other countries worldwide, and serves approximately 60 million total subs.*

R Cable (R)
• Headquarters: A Coruña
• Leading cable operator in Spain’s autonomous Galicia region.
• Provider of telephony, Internet and cable TV services.
• Launching interactive digital TV and on-demand services to replace its analog service.
• Utilizing new IP-based digital headend from Scientific Atlanta, and an IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) from Cisco.
• Building a new fiber optic network to offer its telecom services to 45 more Galician council areas by mid-2008.

Telefonica de España
• Headquarters: Madrid
• Incumbent Spanish operator
• Offers digital TV, Internet–including WiFi–and fixed and mobile telephone services via ADSL.
• 16 million fixed telephony subs***
• 4.5 million data and Internet subs***
• 20.7 million mobile subs***
• 267,000 pay-TV subs***
• More than 60 percent of Telefonica’s business is outside its home market of Spain, with service in 18 other countries and 195.9 million total subs.***

Vodafone España
• Headquarters: Madrid
• Second largest Spanish mobile operator, behind Telefonica.
• Provides voice and data communications.
• 14 million subs***

* As of January 2007
** Subscriber numbers are as of December 2006
*** Subscriber numbers are as of September 2006
**** Subscriber numbers are as of December 2005