November 27 - 30, 2001

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Powering equipment

Balance of battery power

Bellingham, Wash.-Power system maker Alpha Technologies has announced the debut of its Battery Balancer product, which both monitors voltage levels of 36V and 48V battery strings and instills proper charging for each individual battery.

Service life is maximized as the Battery Balancer ensures that each battery is neither overcharged nor undercharged, and by limiting capacity degradation due to an unbalanced string.

Alpha improves AlphaCell line

BELLINGHAM, Wash.-Alpha Technologies has made additional improvements to its AlphaCell battery offering, which is designed to provide backup power for critical communications powering applications. The line now incorporates a newly-modified grid geometry which the company says has been shown to extend battery service life up to 35 percent over previous models. Additional battery design changes include an improved separator, colloidal gel and thicker grids.

American Power Conversion expands DC Offering

WEST KINGSTON, R.I.- American Power Conversion has introduced a new 50W -48 VDC PowerShield suited for multiple tenant units and multiple dwelling units, including apartments, offices, condominiums, small businesses and small office/home office applications. The latest PowerShield is a local power, battery backup and surge protection device designed for use with the customer premise equipment of hybrid fiber/coax, fiber-to-the-home, and fixed wireless local loop networks. PowerShield serves as the primary power supply for telephone communication ports, as well as a local powering source for the CPE.

The newest PowerShield can provide eight to 12 hours of battery backup runtime for typical voice-capable MTU/MDU customer premise devices. It notifies the end user and service provider of the power supply's health and status.