November 27 - 30, 2001

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Deals & orders

S-A, Motorola, Thomson, Hughes to use flash memory from Intel

SANTA CLARA, Calif.-Intel Corp. will provide its StrataFlash memory to several manufacturers of digital set-top boxes for cable, satellite and antenna-operated televisions. Those vendors include Scientific-Atlanta, Motorola Broadband Communications Sector, Thomson multimedia and Hughes Network Systems.

Flash memory is used in set-top boxes to store system software, viewer-specific settings and other application programs that are updated frequently via a digital television broadcast signal. Additionally, flash memory is non-volatile and retains programmed features and data settings if electricity to a set-top box is interrupted.

Triveni Digital and Terayon partner on digital TV

PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J.- Triveni Digital Inc. and Terayon Communication Systems Inc. have announced that the companies intend to market and distribute each others' digital video products to North American cable television operators. The companies say that combining Triveni Digital's StreamBridge real-time translator with the Terayon CherryPicker digital streams management system provides operators with an integrated and robust solution for delivering off-air digital television (DTV) broadcasts over their cable systems. 

Terayon and Triveni are demonstrating their integrated solution at Terayon's booth at the Show.

Triveni Digital's StreamBridge real-time translator is suited for terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcast facilities retransmitting incoming ATSC DTV streams in real-time. StreamBridge is a cost-effective way to modify PSIP information and verify ATSC standards compliance automatically, according to the company.

Adelphia deploying ADC's next-gen CMTS

ANAHEIM, Calif.-Adelphia Communications has started deploying ADC Telecommunications' Cuda 12000 next-generation cable modem termination system in some West Coast cable properties as part of a "multi-million" dollar, non-exclusive CMTS supply agreement with the MSO, ADC officials said Thursday. 

Adelphia will tap the Cuda 12000, a "carrier-class," DOCSIS 1.1-based CMTS, to eventually offer an array of new services, including IP telephony and tiered data services.

AT&T Broadband to buy DCT-2500s

ANAHEIM, Calif.-AT&T Broadband said it would buy 200,000 Motorola Broadband DCT-2500 digital set-tops next year to fuel plans for video-on-demand and other flavors of interactive television. 

Financial terms were not disclosed, but sources familiar with Motorola's set-top roadmap indicate that the list price of the DCT-2500 is $289 per unit. Save volume and other MSO discounts, the deal is valued at as much as $57.8 million.

More powerful than the DCT-2000, Motorola's DCT-2500 "enhanced-interactive" set-top sports a 175 MHz CPU, supports up to 64 megabytes of DRAM, and comes with a universal serial bus option. AT&T Broadband marks the first MSO to come forward publicly to place a volume order for the new box. 

AT&T Broadband said it expects to begin receiving DCT-2500s by the fourth quarter of 2002. In the meantime, expect the MSO, which reported 3.1 million digital subs at the end of September, to continue buying "thin-client" DCT-2000 boxes. 

"The DCT-2500 will enable AT&T Broadband to continue our aggressive sales effort of AT&T Digital Cable, and expand our foundation of deployed digital set-top boxes for VOD and iTV," said MSO CTO David Fellows, in a statement.

AT&T Broadband, which recently began marketing Tivo Inc.'s sidecar PVR in a handful of markets, has said set-tops with integrated PVR functionality are in the plans, though the company has yet to order any such boxes, including the hard drive-outfitted DCT-2600. and Cedar Point team on telephony-over-cable

STATE COLLEGE, Pa.-Broadband Network Services Inc., a business unit of, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Cedar Point Communications for joint technical and marketing activities supporting Cable Media Switching systems, a new telephony-over-cable solution that is standards-based. C-COR's Worldbridge Technical Services provided by BNS offers nationwide customer support in network engineering, design and integration, construction, installation, certification, maintenance and upgrade, and operations. 

Cedar Point Communications develops Cable Media Switching, a new category of headend equipment designed to be PacketCable based and tailored to the needs of broadband operators launching telephony services.

ISG Broadband gives the nod to LSI Logic's RF tuner

ANAHEIM, Calif.-ISG Broadband Inc. is the first company to announce the adoption of LSI Logic Corp.'s Hi-IQ RF tuner, the DPS7000. The low-power, integrated DPS7000 silicon tuner has been selected by ISG to reduce the power and form factor of the company's ISG5000 RF receiver modules. Announced at the Western Show, the ISG5000 family is comprised of 3.3-volt DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS 1.1 modules. 

The ISG5000 transceiver modules are a series of RF solutions that interface directly with QAM mod/demod circuits (PHY ICs) and are designed specifically for DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS cable and set-top applications.

Using LSI Logic's low-power DPS7000 RF tuner, the ISG5000 receivers require only a single 3.3-volt power supply, compared with the typical 5- and 30-volt supplies, according to the company.

Coresma inks NCTC deal

ANAHEIM, Calif.-Coresma Inc. (formerly NetGame) has inked a cable equipment deal with the National Cable Television Cooperative, the Lenexa, Kan.-based organization that represents small- and medium-sized cable operators serving an aggregate 12 million subscribers. 

Under terms of the deal, Coresma gets a hun