Multimedia Terminal Adapters and Embedded MTAs
Company nameModelDOCSIS 1.1 certified?DOCSIS 2.0 certified?PacketCable 1.0 certified?Silicon providerNotes
AmbitT60C237YesNoNoBroadcomMGCP, H.323, SIP.
ArrisTM202DYesNoYesTIe-MTA with battery back-up capabilities.
TM102AYesNoNoTIEuroDOCSIS 1.1 certified version also available.
AskeyCME080NoNoNoBroadcomPacketCable eMTA.
BroadcomBCM93351VCMYesNoNoBroadcomDOCSIS 1.1, 2-line VoIP cable modem.
BCM93348VCMYesNoNoBroadcomDOCSIS 2.0, 2-line VoIP cable modem.
CableCom SolutionsDOXstarNoNoNoN/DDOCSIS 1.1-based cable modem with VoIP support.
Com21VOXport202N/DNoNoN/DStandalone MTA with PacketCable with MGCP and H.323 support.
iCable System Co.ICS-G101NoNoNoN/D1 port VoIP customer premise gateway.
ICS-G102NoNoNoN/D2 ports VoIP customer premise gateway.
ICS-G101CNoNoNoN/D1 port VoIP customer premise gateway with COIC.
ICS-G102CNoNoNoN/D2 ports VoIP customer premise gateway with COIC.
MotorolaSBV4200NoNoNoBroadcomConverges voice and data on one network in one product.
VT1000NoNoNoTIStandalone MTA.
EPX2203N/DNoNoBroadcomEuroDOCSIS 1.1 pending.
DPX233N/DNoNoBroadcomEuroDOCSIS 1.1 compliant.
SyswaveKDM100VNoNoNoN/DDOCSIS 1.1-based cable modem with VoIP support.
KDM110VNoNoNoN/DDOCSIS 1.1-based cable modem with VoIP support.
TerayonTA-102YesNoNoImediaChipset already supports DOCSIS 2.0.
Texas InstrumentsTNETC401YesNoYes, via customerTIPacketCable eMTA.
TNETC520NoNoNoTIDOCSIS 2.0-based PacketCable eMTA.
ToshibaPCX3000 VoIP-enabled cable modemYesNoYesTI Cable modem with eMTA for VoIP support. Two voice ports, Ethernet and USB.
Sources: Vendor data, CableLabs and Kinetic Strategies Inc.
CED is not responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions in these equipment listings
N/D=No data.