North American Residential Cable Telephony Deployments And Trials
MSO/marketCBR/VoIPPrimary telephony vendors/partners
Adams Cable Service
New York and PennsylvaniaVoIPGemini Voice Solutions systems
Advanced Cable Communications
Coral Springs, Fla.VoIPVonage
Weston, Fla.VoIPVonage
Armstrong Cable Services
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, VoIP (trials)Vonage
West Virginia, Kentucky
Fairfield County, Conn.CBR—-
Long Island, N.Y.CBR——
Long Island, N.Y.VoIP (trial)——
Charter Communications
St. Charles, Mo.CBR Nortel switch and Arris HDT & NIU
St. Louis, Mo.VoIP (trial)Nortel switch and Arris CMTS & NIU
Stevens Point, Wis.VoIP (trial)Nortel switch and Arris CMTS & NIU
Alexandria, Va.CBR Switch: Nortel Networks Cable phone platform: Arris
Atlanta, Ga.CBRADC
Boston, Mass.CBR Arris/Tellabs
Chicago, Ill.CBRArris
Dallas, TexasCBRArris
Denver, Colo.CBRArris
Detroit, Mich.VoIP (trial)CPE: Motorola Broadband CMTS: Arris GR-303 interface: Nuera
Detroit, Mich.CBR Switch: Lucent Technologies Cable phone platform: ADC
Hartford, Conn.CBR Arris
Jacksonville/Pompano, Fla.CBRTellabs
Los Angeles, Calif.CBRADC
PhiladelphiaIP Voice (trial)
CMTS: Arris
Call management server: Syndeo
Media server: IP Unity
CPE provisioning: Lucent
Billing: Convergys
Media gateway: Nuera
OSS: Liberate Technologies
CPE: Arris, Motorola, Terayon
Pittsburgh, Pa.CBRArris
Portland, Ore. CBRADC/Tellabs
Richmond, Va.CBRTellabs
Salt Lake City, UtahCBRArris
St. Paul, Minn.CBRADC
San Francisco, Calif.CBRArris
Seattle, Wash. CBRArris
Cox Communications
Hampton Roads, Va.CBRNortel Networks, Arris
New EnglandCBRNortel Networks, Arris
New Orleans, La.CBRNortel Networks, Arris
Oklahoma City, Okla.CBRNortel Networks, Arris
Oklahoma City, Okla.VoIP (trial)Nortel Networks, Arris
Omaha, Neb.CBRNortel Networks, Arris
Orange County, Calif.CBRNortel Networks, Arris
Phoenix, Ariz.CBRNortel Networks, Arris
Roanoke, Va.VoIP (trial, date TBA)——
Cox Communications
San Diego, Calif.CBRNortel Networks, Arris
Tucson, Ariz. CBRNortel Networks, Arris
Wichita, Kan.CBRNortel Networks, Arris
Insight Communications
Columbus, OhioCBRArris
Evansville, Ind.CBRArris
Lexington, Ky.CBRArris
Louisville, Ky.CBRArris
Knology Inc.
Augusta, Ga.CBRArris
Charleston, S.C.CBRArris
Columbus, Ga.CBRArris
Evans, Ga.CBRArris
Forest Hills, Ga.CBRArris
Grovetown, Ga.CBRArris
Gunter AFB, Ala.CBRArris
Harvest, Ala.CBRArris
Huntsville, Ga.CBRArris
Knoxville, Tenn.CBRArris
Ladson, S.C.CBRArris
Lanett, Ala.CBRArris
Lynn Haven, Fla.CBRArris
Madison, Ala.CBRArris
Martinez, Ga.CBRArris
Maxwell AFB, Ala.CBRArris
Midland, Ga.CBRArris
Montgomery, Ala.CBRArris
Mount Pleasant, S.C.CBRArris
Montgomery, Ala.CBRArris
North Charleston, S.C.CBRArris
Panama City/Panama City Beach, Fla.CBRArris
Pike Road, Ala.CBRArris
Prattville, Ala.CBRArris
Redstone Arsenal, Ala.CBRArris
Summerville, S.C.CBRArris
Boston, Mass.CBRLucent, Tellabs
Carmel, N.Y.CBRLucent, Tellabs
Chicago, Ill.CBRNortel Networks
Lehigh Valley, Pa.CBRLucent, Tellabs
Los Angeles, Calif.CBRLucent, Tellabs
New York, N.Y.CBRLucent, Tellabs
Philadelphia, Pa.CBRLucent, Tellabs
San Francisco, Calif.CBRLucent, Tellabs
Washington, D.C.CBRLucent, Tellabs
SureWest Broadband
Sacramento, Calif.CBRArris
Tele-Media Corp.
Hopewell, Va.VoIPGemini Voice Solutions
Petersburg, Va.VoIPGemini Voice Solutions
Time Warner Cable
Portland, MaineVoIPCisco, Motorola, Pine Tree Networks
Rochester, N.Y.VoIP (trial)Cisco, Telcordia, Motorola
Tampa, Fla.* VoIP (trial)Cisco, Motorola
* System now part of partnership with Advance/Newhouse.