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Jetstream's patented Voice over Broadband (VoBB) platform has driven the standard for bundled voice and data service over DSL, T-1/E-1 and wireless broadband access networks.

"When we initiated development of our solution," says David Frankel, founder and chief technical officer at Jetstream, "DSL and other nascent broadband technologies were viewed simply as transport vehicles for Internet access. We recognized very early that packet-based delivery of voice services would be a key part of the economic equation for broadband as it moved from niche to mass market deployment, and as the marketplace became increasingly competitive."

Jetstream's VoBB solution is made up of three major components: a voice services platform; intelligent customer premise equipment; and JetVision–a platform for integrated sub-network management of VoBB services.

This past summer, Jetstream joined forces with Panasonic to make a bold bid for mass consumer voice-over-DSL service. The two companies unveiled the Broadband Phone, a compact, multi-line cordless phone system and high-speed Internet communications hub in one. It's designed to be installed by the consumer, with complete plug-and-play voice and data service, and offers one-button access to any phone line on the included cordless handset.

Features include a multi-line cordless phone system with integrated speakerphone; simultaneous access to up to four phone lines with eight wireless handsets; integrated ADSL modem and full data router capability with 10/100 Ethernet for high-speed Internet access; full support for telephone CLASS 5 features including caller ID and call waiting ID; self-installation and remote management.

Using the Broadband Telephone, competitive service providers can deliver a complete suite of communications services for both the consumer and small business sectors. Voice, data and fax services can be bundled and offered in a number of different configurations. Service offerings can include up to four lines for family and business use; up to four individual voice mail boxes; bundled local toll calling and long distance; shared, high-speed Internet access via a home network; call forwarding from an office number; call transfer and conferencing; and high-speed Internet access with virtual private network (VPN) support for remote access.