Google Factor: 2,580

If ever there was a compelling reason to go broadband, Intertainer Inc. may be it.

The five-year old entertainment-on-demand broadband service uses its interoperable Digital Entertainment Service Platform to deliver purportedly the largest selection of movies, music videos, television and shopping-on-demand instantly to PCs and TVs. Enhanced TV capabilities, including complete VCR functionality, interactive advertising, e-commerce opportunities and personalization features, round out the platform's offering.

What makes the Intertainer offering more compelling is its massive library of content. The library features more than 70,000 hours of content, including films from major Hollywood studios, as well as a variety of television and music programming from more than 70 premium content providers.

Intertainer content partners include Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Dream-works SKG, Artisan Entertainment, New Line Cinema, NBC, A&E Television Networks, Discovery Channel, EMI Music, ESPN, PBS, Warner Music Group and numerous others.

Intertainer has two trials with Comcast underway, using digital set-top boxes to deliver content over cable plant. It's also working with Qwest Communications International and Ohio's Broadwing Communications to deliver its on-demand content over IP networks to PCs rigged with a wireless link, which then bounces the stream to a subscriber's TV set.

This past summer, Intertainer and WINfirst, a fiber-to-the-home service provider, announced a five-year agreement to offer VOD as part of WINfirst's suite of voice, video and data services. Along with Intertainer, the WINfirst VOD platform includes nCube servers, middleware from Canal+ Technologies, and Philips set-top boxes.

Recently, Intertainer and Microsoft Corp. announced the immediate launch of Intertainer's VOD subscription service in the nation's top 35 broadband markets. Intertainer's service is being delivered using Microsoft's Windows Media and the content is protected with Windows Media Digital Rights Management.

Beginning in late October, Intertainer began to be prominently featured on MSN Entertainment. Visitors to MSN are able to easily access Intertainer content through a co-branded VOD page, located within the Movies section. Microsoft also features promotional Intertainer content on, one of the Internet's more popular guides to audio and video content.