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by Azuki

MSOs face the prospect of declining subscriptions and lost VoD revenue without direct and rapid service expansion to mobile devices as consumers seek service alternatives.

by VeEX

Cable operators have gained a small share of the telco-dominated business services market but are relatively stronger in Ethernet services. Testing plays a critical role in the installation and maintenance of these services, which also requires a workforce trained to use test and measurement (T&M) equipment.

by Juniper Networks

New solutions are emerging, purpose-built to address business models and network constraints while also providing a path toward very high scalability. One of the more elegant and efficient solutions is Juniper Networks' Media Flow technology. An example near the end of this white paper shows potential cost savings from intelligent caching can easily exceed several million US dollars.

by Fujitsu

Ethernet has become the most popular interface to attach end-users to the range of Ethernet and IP network services. Ethernet is simple, lower cost and familiar and, therefore, easy for end users to own and operate Click here!. A single Ethernet jack can support multiple connections and a wide range of access bandwidths. This enables end-users to grow connectivity and bandwidth easily over time.

by SeaChange

In late June 2009, the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for a next-generation technology that could revolutionalize the TV industry. In a landmark decision, the nation's highest court dismissed legal challenges to the Remote Storage Digital Video Recorder (RS-DVR), enabling broadband providers to put all the time-shifting capabilities of a traditional digital video recorder (DVR) into a network-based environment. 

by Microtune

The transition to digital TV and high-definition TV has made consumers much more aware of the quality of their video and any interruptions to its delivery. The current economic downturn has the potential to drive demand higher for in-home entertainment, including increased use of video-on-demand (VOD) services. With consumers spending more time looking at their TV screen, this could be good news for cable multiple service operators (MSOs)—as long as they can deliver the quality of service that consumers expect.


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