CED Products

Upstream Analyzer

Upstream Analyzer is a software-based analyzer that works with Cisco CMTS. There is no need for any expensive equipment, splitters or cables to view the upstream spectrum passing through the CMTS. You can view spectrum for 100% of the ports 24 x 7 x 365 anywhere you have Internet access. You can even view ingress under the carrier with one click. There is no need to move a cable modem to a different frequency to see what’s going on. Upstream Analyzer takes up no space in your headend, and is much less expensive than hardware-based spectrum analyzers or monitors.

RF Inspector

RF Inspector is a remote spectrum analyzer app that utilizes DOCSIS compatible technology in newer cable modems and set-top boxes to report the full spectrum for all channels (data and video) that is passing through the CPE. The RF Inspector server software collects the spectrum information and the RF Inspector app displays the spectrum information on a PC or mobile device just as it would appear on a spectrum analyzer. Spectrum can be viewed and analyzed remotely wherever there is Internet access, and you can even compare spectrum from two different devices at the same time. There's no need for expensive probes, and no need to drive to the customer premises to physically connect a meter.

PreEqualization Analyzer

PreEqualization Analyzer is a Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) tool that allows cable operators to find and fix upstream impairments in their cable plant before they impact subscribers. The application collects pre-equalization data from the cable modems to pinpoint the location of impairments to within 50-feet or less. You can see which modems are being affected by issues in the home, at the drop, or further out in the plant. Correlation groups show which modems are being impacted by a common impairment and the approximate distance. With PreEqualization Analyzer operators can proactively correct the causes of impairments like microreflections and group delay as part of their routine maintenance, before their subscribers’ are affected.