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Concurrent software manages VOD / CDN storage

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 1:17pm
Brian Santo

Concurrent has developed a video archiving system that matches the popularity of any given video asset to the most cost-efficient storage option available as that asset waxes and wanes in popularity.

The company said an unidentified major customer is testing the product, a software element of Concurrent’s MediaHawk video processing platform.

As service providers extend the number of titles accessible to consumers for playback on any device and launch new applications like network DVR (nDVR), there is an increased need for large capacity video storage libraries, the company noted. The goal associated with storing all of that on-demand and time-shifted video content is to minimize storage costs.

Throughout a content asset’s lifecycle, its consumer viewing profile may vary from high demand to low demand depending on its release or record date, inclusion in marketing promotions, or a multitude of other factors, Concurrent said. The company’s software is designed to follow business rules to reposition content assets over time as changes in the viewing profile occur.

As a content asset’s demand profile decreases, it will be automatically transferred to low cost, high density storage systems to make room for more popular content on higher performance storage tiers.

“With increased competition in the video streaming marketplace, operators are focused on differentiating their services by offering more video-on-demand titles and providing innovative cloud storage services like nDVR. With video archives growing to hundreds of thousands of hours and beyond, service providers are interested in tiered storage systems that better align storage cost with the revenue expectations for each asset,” said Concurrent CTO Bob Chism. “With Concurrent’s intelligent video archival software, we are able to optimize content placement over time to ensure the highest return on investment for our customers.”

Concurrent’s MediaHawk is a unified content delivery solution that combines support for HTTP streaming and classic video-on-demand to enable video to be streamed simultaneously to any screen, over any network. MediaHawk software runs on commercial off-the-shelf hardware and employs a variety of different storage systems. Storage modules with different performance characteristics may be assembled to create multi-tier complexes that can be managed by Concurrent’s intelligent video archival solution, the company said.


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