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Casa Systems debuts CCAP platform

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 1:59pm
Brian Santo

Casa Systems introduced its first CMTS built from the ground up to be CCAP compliant. When fully loaded, the C100G can support 8,000 downstreams.

The new Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) architecture pulls universal QAM circuitry directly into the CMTS.

Casa's C100G is a highly available, fully redundant, integrated CCAP (I-CCAP) platform does exactly what CCAP was meant to do: it enables MSOs to deploy MPEG video, IP video (IPTV) and/or DOCSIS broadband over any single port.

There are multiple benefits to the approach, including giving cable operators a means to gradually shift to all-IP video, and enabling the consolidation of equipment in overcrowded (and overheated) headends.  

The new C100G occupies 13 rack units; its predecessor, the C10G, filled out 12. It is built with a modular design; the modules includes: downstream module (DS8X96); switching module (SMM8X10G); and the existing upstream module (US16X4).

At 8,000 downstreams, Casa is claiming the industry's highest density. The company is also claiming its new system consumes the lowest average power per channel, minimizing both expenses and space requirements in the cable head end.

One customer tested a configuration of the C100G with 1,500 downstream channels, and found it generated about 125 percent of the heat. With the comparison to the C10G, Mark Sumner, Casa’s VP of marketing and business development, said “So that’s a 25 percent increase in power with a 4X increase in the number of channels, and all in a system only one rack-unit taller.”

For customers of the C10G, modules can swapped with the C100G. The software is also backwards-compatible, Sumner said.

“You can put four cards in the C10G before it makes sense to switch to the new chassis,” Sumner noted, “so you can upgrade gracefully if you want, and of course the old cards work in the new chassis.”

Sumner observed that cable operators in Europe tend to be looking at CCAP as a means to deliver broadcast video, while in North America, MSOs are currently thinking about using CCAP platforms first to enable the delivery of video on demand (VOD) and DOCSIS.

Jerry Guo, founder and CEO of Casa Systems, said, "We are pleased to be the first to deliver a fully integrated, deployment-ready CCAP solution on a single chassis. Our ability to quickly bring this innovative CCAP technology to our customers, coupled with the fact that it has already been successfully tested in the labs of one of the world's largest operators, solidifies our leadership position in the emerging CCAP market."


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