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Amdocs offers major rev of back office suite

Tue, 02/05/2013 - 3:05pm
Brian Santo

Amdocs has released a new version of its customer care product suite that the company asserts provides a real-time integration of control, business and operational support systems, a capability operators say they desire but which few, if any, have.

CES 9, the latest release of the company’s product suite, spans business support systems (BSS), operational support systems (OSS) and network control domains, pulling together real-time data from the device to the network.

Aside from the integration of back office systems and the collection of a wide range of real-time data, the new release of CES 9 includes a number of capabilities and features – some upgrades and others entirely new.

Service providers have been enabling customers to perform a limited range of self-service operations in recent years; examples include allowing customers to upgrade or downgrade the service tiers to which they subscribe or to add or delete service features.

In CES 9, Amdocs is including Multichannel Self Service. The company describes it as a cross-channel, self-service solution for any device or operating system, delivering a consistent experience from the service provider across all assisted and unassisted touch points and online and mobile channels, as well as across multiple devices.

Amdocs Proactive Care provides real-time notifications and recommendations, including issue resolution, discounts, new features availability and billing notices, which can, according to a benchmark at Amdocs customers, result in a 20 percent reduction of calls to the contact center.

The solution also integrates with Smart Agent Desktop and Amdocs Multichannel Self Service to guide agents and end users in real time. The company claims the system has been demonstrated to be 95 percent accurate in predicting the reason for incoming calls by leveraging customer behavior history and usage analysis.

Another feature is Omni Convergent Charging, which integrates Amdocs’ real-time charging, policy control, enterprise product catalog and service platform to allow service providers to define, deliver and dynamically monetize any convergent service and allow their customers to choose any package at any time and pay for it a la carte.


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