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Pixelmetrix provides OTT traffic emulator

Tue, 04/03/2012 - 3:00pm
Brian Santo

Pixelmetrix's OMGPixelmetrix said it will unveil a new client emulation system for validation of over-the-top (OTT) media delivery systems.

The company’s new OTT Media Grinder – yes, OMG for short – is designed to enable operators to qualify and periodically audit OTT service quality by simultaneously emulating thousands of OTT clients.

Pixelmetrix President Danny Wilson said, "For service providers, CDN operators and content providers, our OMG presents crucial visibility into overall service quality, power and flexibility to adapt to different environments, and all at a highly affordable price."

The OMG simulates thousands of OTT clients (iPhone, iPad, etc.) with multiple user-defined behaviors. “Pools” of clients can behave well (for example, consume content to the end), while other pools of clients can randomly change speeds, drop connections or “flap” between adaptive bit rates, the company explained.

To quantify the unique QoS/QoE performance factors for OTT, the company has developed a set of seven metrics, which it is calling VideoMargin Metrics, that give insight performance of content server, network, authentication, individual client behavior and collective client behavior.

The 1RU system can be operated standalone in a single location or in a distributed, coordinated, multi-site configuration where loading multiple OMG systems provides visibility of service quality across the entire network.



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