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Cheetah upgrades video monitor

Wed, 02/08/2012 - 2:29pm
Brian Santo

Cheetah's V-Factor Source MonitorCheetah Technologies has upgraded its video monitor so that it can now analyze a full dozen HD channels at once during ingest.

That means the new release of Cheetah’s V-Factor Source Monitor, the SM 150, can process and monitor several times the number of video streams than previous versions.

The increase in density in a system that takes up 1RU not only contributes to much faster processing of video, but also saves both space and power.

V-Factor SM is designed to automate tasks that previously relied solely on human observation, such as video equipment qualification or competitive analysis between existing video services.

The increased processing density of V-Factor SM 150 not only offers service providers a better view of the network, but enables an energy-efficient monitoring solution. With its ability to view more channels at once, the energy used on the network is significantly decreased, the company explained.

“V-Factor technology is a hybrid between deep packet inspection (DPI) and deep content inspection (DCI), which Cheetah believes is essential to ensuring accurate root cause analysis for video service providers,” stated Steve Day, the company’s senior vice president of marketing and strategic planning. “However, monitoring video streams with this level of detail has never been trivial. Our former product line analysis capability was two HDTV channels per appliance due to the complexities of reviewing every pixel of the video stream in real time.”

The company expects to continue increasing density in subsequent versions of the product. Twelve HDTV streams in 1RU is only a starting point to additional energy efficiency and the ability to make smarter decisions, the company said.

“As we continue to improve density and reduce cost, it will create a continuum toward true digital video monitoring – anywhere,” said Day.

The company said its full V-Factor suite of products is currently in the initial stages of deployment at a major MSO that the vendor declined to identify.



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