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Moto gateway supports new home control services

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 2:44pm
Brian Santo

Motorola's Connected Home Gateway DCX3600Motorola Mobility will be showing a new gateway in its 4Home series at CES that is designed to integrate a wider range of broadband-based services, including home automation and energy management.

Verizon is already using a variant of this box for its Home Monitoring & Control service.

The box will also include Motorola's DreamGallery search and discover feature. Motorola announced that Shaw will be the first MSO in North America to adopt DreamGallery; the company said Dream Gallery has several users in Europe.

The new Connected Home Gateway, the DCX3600, will include Televation, the company's wireless streaming video distribution system. Televation incorporates a QAM tuner and a CableCard, so that a Televation-enabled wireless router can act essentially the same as a set-top, so any channel can be delivered to any device in the home, including tablets and smartphones.

The box incorporates a 1.2 GHz processor running Motorola's open 4Home software platform.

The 4Home software supports and abstracts a number of standards and protocols, the company said. That creates a situation in which consumers can plug in the gateway, and the unit will automatically connect home control devices to the home network.

Some of the largest service providers, including Verizon, Comcast and soon at least one other major MSO, are looking to new services such as home automation, home security and energy management as the best new opportunities for expanding their broadband services portfolios.

The new Motorola gateway can automatically and wirelessly pair receiving devices in the home and connect them to the cloud for remote management, Motorola said.

DreamGallery, the search and discovery tool, is cloud-based and designed in HTML5, which means it can be branded by each MSO and quickly reconfigured. Another advantage, Motorola pointed out, is that since DreamGallery works on a variety of devices, service operators will be able to deliver a consistent onscreen experience across multiple devices.

The new box will also incorporate SecureMedia Encryptonite ONET HLS+, a content protection system that Motorola said streamlines the content processing and delivery process for multi-screen applications while ensuring the protection of digital rights.

And, of course, the system incorporates social media. The box will support Motorola's SocialTV Companion Service, which presents users with a dashboard of social applications.

Small- to mid-size operators can also use the hosted client Televation app to streamline setup costs and time to market, Motorola said.


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