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Tue, 08/31/2010 - 8:05pm
CED Staff

iTV - S&T, Ensequence tackle early binding

Strategy & Technology has integrated its TSBinder product with the Ensequence iTV Manager platform. The combo allows broadcasters to deliver combined video and Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format interactive content through a single transport stream.

S&T Integrates TSBinder w/ Ensequence iTV...From template creation and managing content to scheduling and broadcast, the Ensequence iTV Manager platform enables teams of any size to collaborate on the entire process of creating and deploying interactive television programming and advertising.

By integrating with TSBinder software from S&T, the Ensequence iTV Manager platform now provides the option for the early binding of an EBIF application to a transport stream, which can then be stored on a video server for later use. Early binding brings together the application and the audio-visual content on a server in a transport stream that is then played out as a single file containing video, audio, closed captioning and the interactive content.

“Content producers are accustomed to using our TSBroadcaster for generating content and signaling for interactive television. S&T is pleased to be working with Ensequence to deliver a new variant of this functionality together with the Ensequence iTV Manager platform to enable smooth advertising workflow,” said S&T managing director David Cutts.

Streambox sends off enhanced Avenir

The Streambox Avenir is now shipping with an expanded feature set to enable high-quality, low-latency and low-bandwidth IP transport of HD or SD video for broadcast or streaming to the Web and mobile devices.

Avenir is the newest member of the company’s family of mobile video transport and streaming solutions.

The Streambox AvenirThe battery-operated Avenir enables users to send live or file-based video content over bonded 3G and 4G wireless networks, as well as the Internet.

In a mobile device that can be carried as a side pack, the Avenir takes all of the features of Streambox's ACTL3 product line for SD and adds the ability to transport full-resolution HD for both live and file-based video.

The system’s lightweight and rugged chassis can be deployed in minutes, with a touchscreen interface that lets users connect via their choice of network connections – ranging from dual Ethernet to Wi-Fi platforms, including bonded 3G/4G mobile broadband devices (via browser-capable smartphones) and low-bandwidth portable satellite devices such as BGAN.

Up to eight 3G/4G cellular air cards can be bonded for wireless IP access, providing increased bandwidth and enhanced video quality for HD streaming.

The Avenir provides two built-in paths for transmitting HD/SD video from the field. The direct connection allows Avenir to send live video to a Streambox decoder or Streambox Media Player and transmit file-based video to a Store and Forward Server in the broadcast studio or datacenter.

Alternatively, the Avenir can upload both live and file-based video to the Streambox Live cloud-based service for real-time routing, archiving and many-to-many video sharing. With a range of power options including AC and DC connectors, as well as a Li-Poly battery system, the Avenir also features a wireless user interface for browser-capable PDAs (such as the iPhone), which enables users to control the encoder from a separate location.

And Fisher Communications is the first U.S. customer to deploy the new compact mobile encoder.

Haivision turns up Furnace

Haivision Network Video recently introduced version 5.6 of its Furnace IP video system software, which offers new authentication, Web video portal and conditional access features, among others.

Version 5.6 features direct support for user authentication, enabling the secure assignment of access privileges to live and on-demand video assets.

Haivision's Furnace 5.6

The new version also introduces a VF Conditional Access module that can be used as a standalone system or can be incorporated within an enterprise's LDAP or Active Directorybased authentication system.

And the new release introduces a Web-based video portal that can be easily customized and a quick-launch feature for the VF Monitor multi-stream viewer.


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