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CED Product Showcase - December 16, 2009

Tue, 12/15/2009 - 7:00pm


CED Product Shocase
December 16, 2009    
Video over IP Monitoring
Tektronix Tektronix new IP Video monitoring tools provide facility and network-wide views across a video network, which enable operators to identify a large percentage of real-time digital video errors. The IPM400A, combined with the VQNET Element Management software, allows engineers to rapidly identify the location and root cause of underlying systemic service delivery problems.
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DOCSIS 3.0 Testing
Trilithic The first handheld field analyzer with a CableLabs Certified DOCSIS 3.0 modem now offers you WiFi connectivity as well. The 860 DSPi from Trilithic has a new WiFi option for testing networks. You can display a list of access points within range of the meter, along with field strength, status of security and SSID, channel and type, and MAC address. You can also connect via WiFi to any authorized Internet access point to transmit data, configure your meter, or access other functions to improve your productivity.
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Low-Cost MPEG Analyzer
Triveni Digital Inc. StreamScopeâ„¢ MT-40 - Low-cost, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 transport stream Analyzer for cable operators, telcos, and IPTV networks
• Smaller form factor
• A comprehensive SCTE 142, TR101290 monitoring implementation
• Metadata analyzer including PSIP/SI
• SD and HD thumbnails and video rendering
• Easy to use
• Choice of battery-equipped unit for ultra flexible field use
Triveni Digital Inc.
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The VePAL CX380
VeEX Inc. VePAL CX380 combines advanced Spectrum, QAM, and MPEG analysis in a lightweight rugged unit. A touch panel color LCD and fast intuitive GUI simplifies Level, MER, EVM, Equalizer, Frequency Response, Group Delay, HUM, and pre/post BER measurements on downstream and upstream channels.
MPEG analysis includes PID decoding, jitter, tiling/blocking detection, and stream errors. WiFi, IP, and Web browser tests are possible via the built-in DOCSIS cable modem or LAN interface.
VeEX Inc.
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CITEL Reliabilty in Surge Protection Since 1937
Citel CITEL manufactures two types of products: Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) and Surge Protection Devices (SPD). For many years, CITEL has diversified its range to provide surge protection devices (modules) adapted to the increasing sensitivity of electronic equipment. By adding secondary components to gas tubes, CITEL has designed a full range of products to protect AC power systems, data/signal networks and high frequency equipment. CITEL provides transient protection for all applications within a customer’s facility or remote site.
Citel Inc.
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Fiber Solutions
Trilithic Trilithic is introducing a new line of affordable solutions for test and measurement of fiber optic networks. The new fiber optic line has five instruments that offer you a comprehensive fiber optic testing solution, with high precision, versatile operation and fast measurement response ideal for practical testing in the field. TFS-201 Optical Light Source, TFS-301 Optical Power Meter, TFS-FS1 Optical Leakage Detector, TFS-3200C Optical Spectrum Analyzer, and the TFS-2250 OTDR.
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ATCi Flyaway Systems
 The ATCi versatile Fly-Away Antenna system ATCi offers several unique in-stock, or custom flyaway packages that meet customers' needs at a price that can't be beat. The ATCi versatile Fly-Away Antenna system provides broadcast quality transmissions from any remote location. Designed for field locations installation, set up time is simple and fast allowing broadband content to be transmitted and received any time, any where. Contact ATCi: 1.480.844.8501 or visit our Website.
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MPEG Analysis
Trilithic Trilithic is introducing FaultLineâ„¢ a new software solution for compressed video testing. This new MPEG Analysis Solution helps you identify problems with compressed video streams from a PC and you can use it with cable, satellite and other video delivery networks. The embedded dashboard in this turn key solution provides real-time status monitoring of video streams. QoE / QoS; Key Measurements (TR 101 290); Zap Time; Jitter; Packet Loss
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Tulsat WestTulsat West: Premier Stocking Distributor for Blonder Tongue
At Tulsat West we stock a full complement of all the latest Blonder Tongue equipment including their new Digital to Analog Processor, HD and SD Encoders and Processors, Agile QAM Modulator and Demodulator and QAM Transcoder to ensure quick turnaround for your equipment needs. We also carry Blonder Tongue's Micro Modular line of fixed and agile modulators as well as their entire line of products. Call 800-397-8897.
Tulsat West
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