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CED Product Showcase - November 18, 2009

Tue, 11/17/2009 - 7:00pm


CED Product Shocase
November 18, 2009    
DOCSIS 3.0 Testing
Trilithic The first handheld field analyzer with a CableLabs Certified DOCSIS 3.0 modem now offers you WiFi connectivity as well. The 860 DSPi from Trilithic has a new WiFi option for testing networks. You can display a list of access points within range of the meter, along with field strength, status of security and SSID, channel and type, and MAC address. You can also connect via WiFi to any authorized Internet access point to transmit data, configure your meter, or access other functions to improve your productivity.
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Low-Cost MPEG Analyzer
Triveni Digital Inc. StreamScopeâ„¢ MT-40 - Low-cost, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 transport stream Analyzer for cable operators, telcos, and IPTV networks
• Smaller form factor
• A comprehensive SCTE 142, TR101290 monitoring implementation
• Metadata analyzer including PSIP/SI
• SD and HD thumbnails and video rendering
• Easy to use
• Choice of battery-equipped unit for ultra flexible field use
Triveni Digital Inc.
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The VePAL CX380
VeEX Inc. VePAL CX380 combines advanced Spectrum, QAM, and MPEG analysis in a lightweight rugged unit. A touch panel color LCD and fast intuitive GUI simplifies Level, MER, EVM, Equalizer, Frequency Response, Group Delay, HUM, and pre/post BER measurements on downstream and upstream channels.
MPEG analysis includes PID decoding, jitter, tiling/blocking detection, and stream errors. WiFi, IP, and Web browser tests are possible via the built-in DOCSIS cable modem or LAN interface.
VeEX Inc.
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Video over IP Monitoring
Tektronix Tektronix new IP Video monitoring tools provide facility and network-wide views across a video network, which enable operators to identify a large percentage of real-time digital video errors. The IPM400A, combined with the VQNET Element Management software, allows engineers to rapidly identify the location and root cause of underlying systemic service delivery problems.
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New Double-Density Edge QAM from the Industry Leader
BigBand Networks, Inc. Double your density, conserve your space. Introducing the BigBand BEQ™6200 8:1 Edge QAM built on the #1 industry-leading, market-proven BEQ edge QAM platform that supports SDV, VOD, broadcast video and DOCSIS®3.0/CMTS applications. The BEQ6200 is directly stackable, conserves space, and is energy-efficient. Get the best mix of reliability and density with a path to next-generation platforms.
BigBand Networks, Inc.
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ATCi Flyaway Systems
 The ATCi versatile Fly-Away Antenna system ATCi offers several unique in-stock, or custom flyaway packages that meet customers' needs at a price that can't be beat. The ATCi versatile Fly-Away Antenna system provides broadcast quality transmissions from any remote location. Designed for field locations installation, set up time is simple and fast allowing broadband content to be transmitted and received any time, any where. Contact ATCi: 1.480.844.8501 or visit our Website.
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Harmonic's ProStream 1000
Harmonic Inc. Harmonic's ProStream 1000 with ACE technology offers industry-leading density for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 transcoding of up to 20 HD or 80 SD video and audio channels in 1-RU. This scalable IP-based transcoder supports various applications including real-time transcoding for DTA, mobile video, Internet TV, and digital program or ad insertion. IRIS video quality monitoring and optimization software helps increase the QoS, reliability and availability of broadcast services. IRIS gives operators the tools to maximize bandwidth utilization and VQ in real-time for the entire program lineup, offering end users a better viewing experience.
Harmonic Inc.
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NEW Digicon® AVL - Anti-Vibration, Locking Connector
ARRIS Solutions ARRIS introduces the new Digicon AVL connector with a patent-pending internal locking mechanism, and internal compression boot. This design creates a secure connection that prevents loosening caused by vibration or movement of television sets, modems, set top boxes, and other electronic devices-or from a subscriber attempting to loosen the connector by hand. The compression boot inhibits moisture migration and may eliminate the need for weather boots in outdoor applications.
ARRIS Solutions
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8310 RSA
Trilithic Trilithic introduces the new 8310 RSAâ„¢ Return Sweep analyzer as part of a comprehensive maintenance system. Working with an 860 DSPi in the field, the new SpeedSweepâ„¢ System speeds troubleshooting and maintenance with fast, high resolution return sweep analysis and identifies micro-reflections, and narrow suck-outs with sweep resolution up to 100 kHz.
Think Ahead.
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860 DSPr
Trilithic Trilithic's new 860 DSPrâ„¢ is a rack-mounted and browser accessible remote signal analyzer that is designed to provide continuous access to signal analysis at remote hubs or headends. A complete range of tests can be performed remotely, including Level, QAM (constellation, EQ, BER over time), Spectrum Analysis, Tilt, Scan, Hum, C/N, Depth of Modulation, FM Deviation, and optional VITS and VSB test modes.
Think Ahead.
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RFMD Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Doubler Amplifier Module
RFMD RFMD has developed a new low power consumption GaN power doubler amplifier module for use in CATV transmission solutions. The D10040200PL1 is a hybrid power doubler amplifier module that employs GaAs pHEMT and GaN HEMT die, and is operated from 45 MHz to 1000 MHz. It offers the same performance as an industry-leading GaAs power doubler but at a 20 percent lower current.
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Portable MPEG Analysis Tools
Alt Text Goes Here Sencore has the tools you need to ensure the delivery of the perfect digital TV experience. The MSA 1850 MPEG Service Analyzer enables you to analyze compressed audio, video, and data services on any terrestrial broadcast, cable head-end, satellite, or telco network. The DTU-236 RF Probe and RFXpert software provides real-time analysis and monitoring of terrestrial signals (8-VSB, QAM A/B/C). Contact Sencore today to discuss solutions that will enable you high-quality content throughout your network.
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