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Wed, 09/30/2009 - 8:10pm
CED Staff

CONVERGENCE - Envivio intros platform for 3 screens

Envivio has rolled out its 4Caster C42, the second generation of the company’s Convergence Series video encoding/transcoding platform.

Envivio said 4Caster C42 features the latest-generation Intel multi-core server processors to deliver better quality video, make more efficient use of bandwidth and enable delivery of high-definition video services to all three consumer screens.

4Caster C42

The 4Caster C42 joins the 4Caster C4 in the Convergence Series, building on the features of its precursor and giving service providers the flexibility to tailor their video headends to match their requirements.

The new platform made its debut at IBC 2009 in Amsterdam.

“The competitive pressure to deliver more entertainment options, to more subscribers, at the best possible quality, continues to mount,” said Envivio CEO Julien Signès, “yet bandwidth remains precious. 4Caster C42 drives performance and flexibility far beyond platforms based on ASIC hardware. As a result, we can offer significant improvements in both video quality and bit rates. By simultaneously supporting multiple networks and many different consumer devices, 4Caster C42 enables an operator to meet the highest consumer expectations – including top-quality HD service – on any viewing screen.”

The new Envivio Extreme HD compression enables operators to deliver high-definition video to IPTV subscribers using just 4 Mbps. For Internet TV, even lower bit rates are possible and can be combined with adaptive bit rate technologies such as Silverlight Smooth Streaming HD, Flash HD and Apple adaptive streaming to enable quality delivery over networks with no guaranteed QoS.

The company said 4Caster C42 supports all Envivio compression levels for IPTV, mobile TV and Internet TV.

Thomson secures VoIP with new SBC 

Thomson has developed the Cirpack Session Border Controller to provide access and interfacing for the growing number of VoIP services.

With many operators now using softswitches to provide local loop VoIP and advanced telephony services, there is a growing requirement to interconnect networks over IP, and the Thomson Cirpak SBCCirpack SBC adds the necessary security measures and provides guaranteed quality of service through the access point.

Thomson’s new SBC provides secure native VoIP peering. The solution can be connected to multiple platforms – including next-generation softswitches, core IMS and value-added application servers – and it is future-proofed with support for NGN and IMS, with an easy migration path to the IMS 3GPP/TISPAN open standards.

Thomson has also debuted a gateway designed to integrate IP networks and 3G mobile services, allowing 3G mobile and fixed IP devices to share video.

The Cirpack 3G Video Calls Gateway connects mobile networks and IP/IMS-based networks by integrating the 3G video protocol (H.324M) with the SIP VoIP protocol. Service providers will be able to set up multimedia services, including calls, video blogging, and even live television access. Operators can use the system to begin an evolution to full IMS, Thomson said.

"Operators know that their subscribers are excited by the prospect of video calls to fixed and mobile devices, as well as other added-value services like video blogging," said Tiaan Schutte, general manager of the software service platform at Thomson.

Aviel Electronics BlindMateAviel touts blind mate connectors 

Aviel Electronics, a division of RF Industries, is now offering custom blind mate connectors for specific applications. Blind mate connectors simplify RF signal interface between devices or units that may not be in linear alignment.

Standard blind mate connectors are available from several manufacturers, but some applications with diverse mechanical or electrical properties require a custom design, according to Aviel Electronics.

General design features include a non-threaded, push-on connector interface for touch-less mating. One end of the pair provides a floating, spring-mounted body that moves independent of the flange mount to ensure reliable electrical contact – even with some mechanical misalignment.

The blind mate connectors shown offer good electrical performance up to 4 GHz, with bodies manufactured from stainless steel and female contacts from beryllium copper. Aviel said it can design and fabricate custom blind mate connectors up to 40 GHz using a variety of materials and mechanical mounting techniques.


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