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NEW PRODUCTS - March 2009

Sat, 02/28/2009 - 7:05pm

OTDRs - Anritsu debuts optical network tester.

Anritsu Co. has introduced the Access Master MT9083B Performance Series, a field-measuring optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) for the construction and maintenance of optical networks.

According to Anritsu, the MT9083B series ensures quality of service (QoS), while reducing the cost of testing by eliminating the need for multiple test sets and instruments on site.

Access Master OTDR

The MT9083B series features a user-selectable, dual-circuit design that allows it to conduct high-resolution testing on passive optical network (PON)-based FTTx networks featuring up to 64 splits.

And the MT9083B series not only features up to 42 dB of dynamic range, it also boasts measurement speed and measurable distance, with minimum dead zones of less than 1 meter, which reduces testing times for fiber spans from 10 m to 200 km.

Anritsu said that with the MT9083B series, a 100-km/62-mile fiber can be tested in as little as 6 seconds. Many fibers can even be tested in real time, without any averaging due to the high-performance optics in the MT9083B series.

The OTDRs are ready to test in less than 15 seconds and can be used all day without recharging, the company said. True one-button fault location and pass/fail classification make it easy to conduct measurements, while an automated file-saving capability makes it simple to store results. Lastly, a macrobend detection feature allows installation issues to be identified quickly by field technicians.

Harmonic intros SupraLink 1550 nm DWDM

Harmonic intros SupraLink 1550 nm DWDM

SUPRALinkHarmonic has introduced a new DWDM transmission platform that can help cable operators extend the reach of their existing fiber-optic networks.

Harmonic said the new DWDM transmission system, which is called the SupraLink 1550 nm DWDM, can deliver up to a fourfold increase in fiber reach over 1310 nm systems by using its patent-pending technology.

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Harmonic said SupraLink is the industry's first system to support up to eight wavelengths per single fiber over link distances of 40 km with optical amplification and 25 km without optical amplification, for up to 1 GHz of both digital and analog content per wavelength.

The platform helps operators minimize their capital expenditures when segmenting their networks and overcomes limitations in fiber reach and wavelength scalability of alternative downstream CWDM and 1310 nm DWDM solutions.

By addressing these challenges, Harmonic said that its SupraLink technology enables cost-effective DWDM segmentation for the majority of installed HFC networks, and as a result, extends the capacity and longevity of existing HFC infrastructures.

"Harmonic's Supra-Link system will allow service providers to deploy optical nodes deeper in the network while minimizing the cost of constructing new fiber routes," said Nimrod Ben-Natan, vice president of product marketing, solutions and strategy for Harmonic.

Exfo adds EoOTN, OTN test suite 

Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. has added an Ethernet-over-Optical Transport Network (EoOTN) and an advanced OTN analysis test suite to its FTB-81xx Transport Blazer and Power Blazer lines of test modules.

The FTB-8130NG Transport Blazer and the FTB-8130NGE Power Blazer modules now give Exfo customers the ability to test EoOTN through the generation and mapping of 10 GigE LAN traffic directly into OTU1e and OTU2e payloads.

In addition, the FTB-8120/8120NG/ 8120NGE and FTB-8130/8130NG/ 8130NGE modules, as well as the FTB-8140 module, now support the ability to analyze and manipulate OTN overhead bytes and intrusively test OTN signals in through mode up to 43 Gbps.



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