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Entone's Janus IP Video Gateway
Entone's Janus IP Video Gateway

SAN MATEO, Calif.Entone Inc. has unveiled a new multi-stream customer premises equipment (CPE) product, the Janus IP Video Gateway. Based on Entone’s Hydra IP Video Gateway platform, Janus supports simultaneous decoding of one high-definition (HD) stream and a second standard-definition (SD) stream. Both streams are distributed over existing in-home coax cabling without requiring individual set-top boxes at remote viewing locations. Janus can connect to FTTH and xDSL networks using Ethernet, powerline, coaxial or wireless (802.11n) technologies. It also integrates a dual DVB-T tuner for digital terrestrial broadcasting reception, and it provides multiple storage capacity options for whole-home DVR capabilities. The gateway supports media sharing within a home network for access to images, music and videos from anywhere in the home.

The Janus IP Video Gateway allows service providers to offer IPTV services, such as whole-home DVR, throughout a subscriber’s home using existing in-home coax cabling and without requiring a set-top box at each television set, according to the company. With Janus, users can independently record, pause, play, rewind and fast-forward live or recorded programming from any TV in their home network.

Bandwidth optimization

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.NetEx has announced its HyperPipe bandwidth optimization software, which enables cable providers, telcos and other service providers to achieve up to a tenfold speed increase over their existing broadband infrastructure, while deferring the costs, time delays and technical limitations of billion-dollar network upgrades. NetEx says that HyperPipe resolves the inherent problem of the inefficiency of TCP data transports between the service provider and the customer location. TCP was designed for Local Area Network (LAN) data transport, not the Wide Area Networks (WANs) used by service providers, and can consume from 60 to 80 percent of the available bandwidth because of the overhead built into the protocol. In WAN environments, TCP can suffer from variable line quality issues, such as jitter, latency and bit errors, that require packets to be re-sent and degrade data transmission rates and throughput.HyperPipe eliminates these issues with a software design developed specifically to accelerate traffic over an IP network.

The software intercepts TCP packets, which are then aggregated and sent over the network in a manner that is optimized for achieving greater throughput. The software’s algorithms eliminate the problems that constrain the speed of typical IP networks by protecting data packets from variations in line quality. HyperPipe then compresses the data before sending it across the IP network.

Deploying HyperPipe to enable wideband network capabilities requires the software to be installed at both ends of the routed network. The software can be deployed at a telco’s central office or a cable company’s headend, as well as on a customer’s cable box or PC. Delivering HyperPipe to the customer is as simple as pre-loading a cable box with the software or automatically sending the software as a download the first time the customer connects to the network.

Digital transport multiplexer 

Ipitek's Digital Transport Multiplexer
Ipitek's Digital Transport Multiplexer

CARLSBAD, Calif.Integrated Photonics Technology (Ipitek) has added the HBR-2502 Digital Transport Multiplexer to its Internet Media Transport (IMTRAN) product line. The HBR-2502 is an optical fiber multiplexing platform that handles both analog and digital video; telco-standard DS1, DS3 and Sonet; and Ethernet and asynchronous data.

The product maximizes signal flow, eliminating wasted bits to utilize only the amount of required bandwidth for the signal to be transported, according to the company. Its reliability and low-power consumption are provided by the new generation of common line cards, such as the core routing modules, node controller and power system.

The multiplexer is suited for high-capacity sites and high-end, high-definition build-out.The HBR-2502 comprises several individual modules designed to integrate with one another.



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