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CED Product Showcase - May 30, 2008

Thu, 05/29/2008 - 8:00pm

MetaSwitch white paperLaunch new voice services quickly to help you compete.
An SDP allows cable operators to define, develop and deploy new voice services far faster than they have been able to in the past. Download the new MetaSwitch white paper "Service Delivery Platform: New Services Made Easy" 

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The ATCi versatile Fly-Away Antenna systemATCi Flyaway Systems
ATCi offers several unique in-stock, or custom flyaway packages that meet customers' needs at a price that can't be beat. The ATCi versatile Fly-Away Antenna system provides broadcast quality transmissions from any remote location. Designed for field locations installation, set up time is simple and fast allowing broadband content to be transmitted and received any time, any where. Contact ATCi: 1.480.844.8501 or visit:
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Alpha Technologies Tempest Te17Alpha's Got Your Backhaul Covered
To support the growing demand for wireless carrier backhaul service, Alpha offers a comprehensive range of fully integrated backup powering solutions, including the Tempest Te17. The Te17 is designed with the flexibility to house multiple types of electrical equipment and to expand as powering needs change. Main features include battery backed-up AC and DC power, generator compatibility and flexible pole, pedestal and ground mount options.
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JDSU's new PathTrak Video Monitoring (PVM) SystemJDSU - NEW - PathTrak Video Monitoring (PVM) System
As the competition for digital video subscribers continues to intensify, Cable Network Operators have to ensure that the content or digital payload is error free. JDSU's new PathTrak Video Monitoring (PVM) System can help you to segment forward path video problems in minutes instead of hours by proactively measuring and monitoring Video, VoIP and HSD carriers for QAM RF and MPEG impairments down to each individual program in your network.
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Fluke NetworksFluke Networks - IntelliToneâ„¢ Pro Toner and Probe
Fluke Networks' breakthrough digital and analog toning finds cables other toners/probes can't. New SmartToneâ„¢ feature precisely locates individual wire pairs. Powerful troubleshooting capabilities include datacom link, two line telecom service ID, and twisted-pair cable wiremap.
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TrilithicTrilithic's CATV Spectrum Analyzer
This high performance analyzer can be used anywhere in the cable network to analyze digital, analog and base-band video signals with speed and precision. The familiar and intuitive interface provides a helpful mix of automation and user interaction for fast, precise measurements as well as in-depth signal quality analyses. With applications built into the 8821Q spectrum analyzer that span a full range of HFC measurements, analytical reports and proof tests, the 8821Q is a Cable system workhorse.
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TrilithicTrilithic's EASyIP Network Receiver
The new EASyIP Network Receiver will extend your range of radio reception, improve the reliability of EAS message delivery and reduce system implementation costs. This revolutionary EAS product allows multiple EAS sources to be monitored from a single location, provides better message reception, audio message storage and cueing, and EAS message redundancy. The EASyIP EAS Network Receiver has changed the way EAS networks are designed and operated.
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The CED Webcast Series Presents
The convergence of IP and digital video have impacted every segment of the video industry, from content providers to network operators. As the cable industry has rolled out all digital simulcast and begins deploying advanced technologies like switched digital and digital program insertion they have seen first hand both the new benefits as well as the increased technical challenges of their new digital edge.
Trilithic - Seeker GPS Leakage Management System
 Trilithic Equip every vehicle in your fleet with a high performance GPS leakage management system that costs no more than a conventional leak detector. The Seeker GPS -based leakage management system is ideal for drive-outs, leak documentation and troubleshooting. And better yet, the system is very cost-effective, allowing general deployment in entire fleet because complete mobile installation cost is less than some stand alone leakage detectors. Maximum efficiency is achievable through totally automatic operation and leakage record upload via Internet or WiFi and the Leakage Analysis Workshop (LAW) server.
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