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Thu, 05/31/2007 - 8:30pm
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FIBER OPTICS: Optical upgrade

C-Cor’s Opti Max 2700

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — C-Cor Inc. is launching an optical upgrade that transforms its installed trunk and bridger amplifiers into optical nodes. The company displayed the Opti Max 2700 optical upgrade at The Cable Show.

Upgrading existing trunk and bridger amps to optical node functionality provides a way to reduce service group size for increased narrowcast capacity. The upgrade is targeted toward network service providers seeking cost-effective ways to expand capacity of their existing networks with minimal service disruption, according to the company.

The upgrade is compatible with C-Cor’s latest 1 GHz Flex Max 901e amplifier and its predecessors, the FlexNet 700 and 800 series and Flex Max 900 and 901 models. The OM 2700 enables 1 GHz bandwidth expansion in order to increase forward capacity and future flexibility of the network and incorporates coarse wavelength division multiplexing transmitters, providing more return channels through existing fiber.

C-Cor says that the optical upgrade is already being deployed in the U.S.


Cable modem test unit

IRVINE, Calif. — Promptlink Communications has introduced a new version of its Cable Modem Test Platform (CMTP) that will test 48 eMTAs in a single batch. The new version will be available mid-Q2 2007. The company is adding this capability to address the increasing need for the testing of eMTAs due to demand and churn of cable telephony services.

The CMTP tests eMTAs and cable mod-ems, along with standard and business-class cable modem routers, across a spectrum of parameters designed to separate devices that fail to meet cable system standards from those that will perform well in subscribers’ homes.



LAS VEGAS — Universal Electronics has introduced the Cricket remote control, which features a parental safety control that allows parents to restrict TV viewing to a list of family-friendly channels, including Disney, Nickelodeon, and the Cartoon Network. The remote comes programmed with 14 large keys and is designed with kids in mind.

Also new from Universal Electronics is the Remote Extender, which takes an existing remote control and gives it the ability to control audio-visual devices without the user having to get up and point the remote directly at the equipment.

The device converts the IR beam of the remote into an RF signal, and then reconverts it to IR via a small receiver placed inside the AV equipment cabinet.


Amp module 

4Cable TV’s module
4Cable TV’s module

CONWAY, S.C.— 4Cable TV Inc. has introduced the first in a line of replacement 1 GHz cable TV amplifier modules that use the company’s PowerMiser low-current technology. The PowerMiser technology reduces the current requirements for a cable TV module by approximately 50 percent, according to the company.

Current 1 GHz line extenders draw approximately 950 mA, while an equivalent PowerMiser line extender will draw only 460 mA, while maintaining distortions in the mid to high 70s, says the company. This reduced current equates to an operational savings in the cost of electricity, cooler amplifier operation for higher reliability, fewer power supplies and longer standby times from standby power supplies, according to the company. 4Cable TV is developing PowerMiser modules for all amplifier platforms currently used in the industry.

Available replacement PowerMiser modules include the 4CLE1000 for the Magnavox/Philips 6LE series of line extenders; 4CSF-1039 for the C-Cor SF-739 Mini Trunk; and 4CE-10XX for the C-Cor E-7 series of line extenders.


Viewership analysis
LAS VEGAS — BigBand Networks Inc. has introduced Switched Video Analysis (SVA), a viewership and performance analysis application that gathers metrics to help service providers make informed decisions about programming expansion and network utilization. SVA is also designed to help operators determine when and where to roll out new programming and advertising.

Initial applications of SVA are focused on analyzing BigBand’s switched broadcast deployments.




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