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RCN touts fiber in Philly; Semiconductors see historic low

December 18, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

RCN Corp. expanded its ResiLink product to the Morton Borough, Darby Township, Darby Borough, Clifton Heights and East Lansdowne suburbs of Philadelphia. Residents in those 'burbs will get their Internet, local phone and digital cable TV via RCN's fiber optic network. The first three started service this quarter; the others will start service in January.


SCTE opens access to standards via Web site

December 18, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

Always in tune with a paperless membership, the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers says its approved cable telecommunications standards are now online at SCTE's goal is to ensure standards are used by making them readily available. "The point of developing standards is to get everyone to use them," says VP of standards Steve Oksala.

Winstar judge picks $38 M sleeper bid

December 18, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

Breaking an impasse on a lengthy proceeding, a Delaware bankruptcy court judge approved a $38 million bid for nearly all of Winstar's assets, from a new unit of IDT Corp. The bid crowded out a higher one submitted by Winstar founder William Rouhana, who had resigned from the company recently to allow him to bid.


Motorola shells out another $20 M to Next Level

December 17, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

Motorola Inc. will tack another $20 million on to the $60 million it loaned subsidiary Next Level Communications only months ago. The funds will go to working capital into the second quarter, a Next Level spokesman says. Under the deal, the 8-year-old Next Level will have until May 2003 to repay the $20 million, and Motorola will receive five-year warrants to buy 2.

Merrill Lynch: Cable rollouts sliding in Q4

December 17, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

Maybe it hasn't been hammered home yet, but now it's a little closer: The industry isn't exactly enduring the best of times. A new study says the pace of digital cable rollouts will fall next year, compared with 2001. A cable TV Q4 preview from Merrill Lynch says 2002's pace of rollouts will fall about 15 percent below 2001 levels.

Excite U.K. shuts down Friday, cuts 48 jobs

December 17, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

ExciteAtHome will creep closer to its Feb. 28 demise when it shuts down its Excite U.K. portal Friday. The portal site recommends moving to, "who provide very similar services," the company says in a message to users. "This means that all Excite UK services will no longer be available," it reads.

OpenTV hits 12-in-12 mark with AlphaTV of Greece

December 17, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

With time to spare, OpenTV says it landed its 12th network operator customer for the year when it inked a deal with AlphaTV of Greece. The company had a goal to pursue one operator per month in 2001 and now serves a total of 50. Under the deal, AlphaTV will use OpenTV's iTV platform technology in its new satellite TV service, Alpha Digital.

Broadcom/Intel jury trounces infringement claim

December 16, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

Talk about feeling vindicated. A jury verdict found against Intel Corp.'s allegations that Broadcom infringed on its network and digital video chip patents. In the triple-play verdict, the jury also found Intel's networking patent invalid and said Broadcom wasn't bound by certain third-party licenses contracts Intel held with mutual customers, Broadcom's lead attorney says.


ExciteAtHome winds down with 400 job cuts

December 16, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

It's the beginning of the end. ExciteAtHome began the final phase of its demise as it laid off 400 workers Friday. The company will go out of business after Feb. 28, following fulfillment of $355 million in recent transition contracts with several ExciteAtHome cable affiliates. AtHome says about 900 employees will help with the transition services and "an orderly shutdown of the company between...

Survey: Most-battered brands of the year

December 16, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

Can't quite quantify exactly how bad business was this year? The 2001 Bruised & Battered Brands Poll wants to help point out winners and losers in "what may be high-tech's biggest brand recession ever." The survey, conducted online by The Sausalito Group, and released today by brand marketing firm Liquid Agency, queried marketing execs at tech companies worldwide about industry brands and h...

Vivendi lands USA Networks for $10.3 B

December 16, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

On the heels of its deal to supply EchoStar with iTV content and Canal+ Technologies middleware, Vivendi Universal announced it will acquire the entertainment assets of USA Networks for $10.3 billion. Under the stock-and-cash deal, Vivendi Universal, parent of Canal+ Technologies, will own 93 percent of the resulting new company, dubbed Vivendi Universal Entertainment, comprised of Universal St...

FCC seeks comments on ILEC restrictions

December 13, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

Talk about waving a red flag at a bull — the U.S. Federal Communications Commission is asking if ILECs should be held to certain broadband services restrictions. FCC says it is taking comments on current regulations and restrictions on ILECs' broadband services. The FCC's move comes as the U.S.

Tauzin-Dingell stalwarts vow to stay with bill

December 13, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

Eager to head home for the holidays and noting new information it would need to peruse, the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday postponed its decision on the controversial Tauzin-Dingell bill. As CEDaily reported yesterday, the decision came after House leaders received new information and opted to scrutinize it more closely.

EchoStar sweetens merger pot with Vivendi deal

December 13, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

EchoStar Communications Corp. is sweetening the pot for its pending merger with Hughes Electronics Corp. in a programming and middleware deal with Vivendi Universal. The sweetening extends to EchoStar, as well, with a $1.5 billion investment from Vivendi that will help fund EchoStar's merger plans. The deal also contains a non-exclusive agreement for EchoStar to use MediaHighway middleware from...

Covad judge OKs bankruptcy plan; XO kisses NASDAQ goodbye

December 12, 2001 7:00 pm | by Anne Kerven | Comments

A U.S. Bankruptcy Court of Delaware judge OK'd Covad Communications Group's restructuring plan this morning, allowing the company to emerge from its bankruptcy around Dec. 20, says spokesman Pavel Radda. The pre-negotiated plan will eliminate about $1.4 billion in bondholder debt and pre-existing shareholders will keep nearly 80 percent of the company.


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