FourthWall Media, which provides cable set-top box viewing data to service providers, announced that the U.S. Patent office had approved a patent for its Ad Widgets interactive advertising platform.

FourthWall said the technology allows cable operators, or any distributor of interactive television commercials, to deploy new interactive ad units without the need for testing each individual interactive spot.

Using the patented technology, FourthWall's Ad Widgets interactive advertising platform allows advertisers to choose from a variety of certified Ad Widgets that overlay interactive functions on their spot. These functions include targeted billboard overlays, voting and polling, requests for information, and the ability to play longer form video.

"More and more cable operators are rolling out interactive television advertising," said Dr. Louis Slothouber, chief scientist and Co-Founder of FourthWall Media. "Ad Widgets is our end-to-end system constructed upon the foundation described by this patent. Interactive Ad Widget templates are rigorously tested using a statistical methodology before the Ad Widgets system is released.  We employ automated testing and other methods rooted in mathematics to avoid costly and time-consuming testing traditionally performed for interactive applications. Using the Ad Widgets Console, advertisers can rapidly deliver new interactive spots with confidence and agility."

Slothouber said FourthWall has 16 patents granted with 79 additional patents pending.