Data: Half of your subscribers don't know what TV Everywhere is

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 4:30pm
Brian Santo

About half of all MVPD subscribers have never heard the term TV Everywhere, though half (not necessarily the same half) are aware that they can use their subscription service to get access to programming on PCs and mobile devices -- they know what TVE is, they just don't know that it's called "TV Everywhere."

All of which might be expected, as the service is often marketed under the overall company brand (e.g. Xfinity, Optimum, etc.). Nonetheless, given the responses to the survey by CTAM, it means that several years after TVE started becoming available, a lot of consumers have no idea what it is, even after you explain it to them. Some say this is a clear failure by the cable industry to market the service (see TV Everywhere apps: “Market the damn things”), especially since the service appears to increase the perceived value of a subscription.


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