RCN tunes in TiVo’s caller ID on TV feature

Tue, 06/17/2014 - 1:08pm
Mike Robuck

RCN subscribers with leased TiVo boxes can now tap into the latter’s caller ID on TV service at no additional cost.


The new feature, which will be available to new and existing customers this week, displays the name of the caller and the number on the TV screen during an incoming call.

The service also displays a second call on a TV screen if a user is already on the phone. The service is available to customers that subscribe to RCN’s phone and TiVo service offerings.

"This convenient caller ID service is another achievement in our relationship with TiVo, and also represents one of more than 15 free calling features included in the RCN Digital Phone service," said Chris Fenger, chief operating officer at RCN. "From RCN's recent launch of the Netflix app  on our TiVo service, to our recent introduction of the powerful TiVo T6 DVR,  to now caller ID on TiVo, we continue to prove that this partnership represents a total commitment to technology innovation and to making our customers' experience as enjoyable and easy to use as possible."

The service will be available starting to tomorrow. Existing customers can activate the feature  by going to TiVo Central, followed by “settings,” “displays,” then “caller ID.” New RCN subscribers with the correct TiVo boxes will automatically receive the caller ID feature unless they choose to turn it off.

Earlier this month RCN started offering its subscribers the TiVo T6 HD DVR that comes with six tuners and a 1 terabyte hard drive for storage. RCN’s TiVo service is integrated with apps from the Opera Store, Netflix and YouTube, and includes cross-platform search capabilities.





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