VeEX fields new field tester

Wed, 03/05/2014 - 1:33pm
Brian Santo

VeEX now has available a new version of its field tester with a set of improvements and new features.  

The VePAL TX300S Test Set with VeExpress support borrows the form factor and user interface from VeEX’s TX300-series test set. VeEX has upped the ante by making it more flexible, multi-tasking and adding SyncE, 1588v2/PTP, GPS, chip-scale atomic clock, as well as asset management and workflow optimization with VeExpress.

“The new TX300S empowers our customers to make better use of their capex and take control of their opex, by equipping their users with the features they really need for day-to-day tasks” said Cyrille Morelle, VeEX president and CEO.

“Additionally, our VeExpress service allows them to address the needs from new technologies, special cases or short projects as they arise,” Morelle continued. “For example, our customers can buy fewer licenses of test features that are not needed by all technicians on a daily basis, so they can be shared with those who need them at that particular moment. At the same time, they can just rent and share technologies to address special cases.”

TX300S platform capabilities include:

  • All-inclusive hardware to reduce capex (no factory returns necessary for upgrades)
  • Buy, rent, lease and share test features (licenses) to optimize opex
  • Cloud-based VeExpress asset management and workforce optimization service
  • Single or Dual test port configurations
  • Concurrent and independent tests 10 Mbps to 11.1 Gbps testing
  • OTN, SDH, SONET, PDH, DSn, Ethernet over OTN
  • Ethernet (LAN/WAN), MPLS, and Fibre Channel (SAN)
  • CPRI and OBSAI for mobile front haul
  • SyncE, 1588v2/PTP and Synchronization
  • Built-in GPS and chip-scale Atomic reference clock options to address the growing need for frequency, phase and time synchronization (for upcoming LTE-TDD and LTE-Advanced)

Complementary to the TX300S platform’s extensive set of Transport, Ethernet, SAN, wireless backhaul and synchronization testing capabilities, VeEX has also introduced VeExpress, a geographically-distributed cloud-based service to proactively manage the test set fleet and keep it up-to-date. VeEX TX300S customers are now able to buy, rent or lease-to-own test features as needed and dynamically allocate them to whomever needs them (sharing).



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