Arris’ WorkAssure clocks in on Time Warner Cable’s one-hour service windows

Tue, 03/18/2014 - 12:37pm
Mike Robuck

In an effort to provide its subscribers with a better customer experience, Time Warner Cable has deployed Arris’ WorkAssure Field Management platform to help schedule one-hour service appointments by its technicians.

By using WorkAssure, Time Warner Cable can schedule and manage its service appointments with real-time updates. Time Warner Cable can also keep track of when a technician finishes a job early or late, and adapt schedules on the fly to keep up with precise scheduling appointments.

During Time Warner Cable’s fourth quarter and year-end earnings call last month, CEO Rob Marcus said the one-hour windows helped improve customer care and operations. In Time Warner Cable’s New York City system, which was one of the last markets to get the one-hour windows early last year, the cable operator recorded a 95 percent on-time performance rate for the one-hour appointments.

In order to better manage its fleet and provision services, Time Warner Cable has deployed WorkAssure enterprise-wide across its residential, commercial, and plant maintenance operations.

"Time Warner Cable deployed Arris WorkAssure Dynamic Routing and Whole House Check solution to nearly 18,000 technicians across our service areas in 2013, which already resulted in significant improvements in operational efficiency and workforce management," said John Keib, Time Warner Cable's chief care and technical operations officer. "We're focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience and making appointments more convenient for our customers by deploying one-hour service windows. Our customer service goal is to set a new standard of excellence from installation to ongoing support—and that begins with reliable, on-time service."

The WorkAssure suite helps companies improve customer service and event resolution with real-time interconnection of field service, dispatching, inventory and support staff. The solution uses advances in mobile devices, wireless communications, Internet portals, and contemporary software applications. Integrated quality checks of new installations and repairs validate the service quality and reduce the need for repeat truck rolls.

"Time Warner Cable is taking its customer service to the next level with the addition of WorkAssure Field Service," said Bryant Isaacs, president, assurance solutions, Arris. "The feature is fully integrated into the Dynamic Routing and Whole House Check solutions to give Time Warner Cable complete control over customer service management.”






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