The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) will host a special standards session at Expo that will focus on helping cable operators prepare for natural disasters.

The session, which is slated for Oct. 23 at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Atlanta, is called  “Business continuity and the need for highly available networks,” It will include a discussion on current and planned SCTE standardization and best-practice activities well as a panel of industry experts who will discuss topics such as: power reliability, dependency of emergency alert on network availability, business continuity planning and crisis management.

Scheduled panelists for the 90-minute session include:

• Brian Allen, chief of security, Time Warner Cable;

• David Geary, director of engineering for the StarLine DC Solutions division of Universal Electric Corp;

• Albert Straub, principal architect, Time Warner Cable.

“In recent years, cable has experienced widespread service outages and has incurred enormous costs as a result of the effects of destructive events such as Superstorm Sandy,” said Marty Davidson, vice president, engineering and operations for SCTE and head of the ANSI-accredited SCTE Standards Program.  “It’s essential that we begin to develop standards that can help us plan for, withstand and recover quickly from events that impact our customers and disrupt normal business operations and revenue generation.”