Aussie provider picks Celeno’s 802.11ac chip

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 12:27pm
Mike Robuck

Celeno Communications scored its first 802.11ac-based chip win with iiNet, which is Australia’s second largest DSL broadband provider.

Celeno’s chip will be used to provision wireless data and HD streaming services at some point as iiNet Labs develops the company’s next generation hardware.

A fairly recent wireless standard, 802.11ac operates at the 5GHz band exclusively and seeks to improve Wi-Fi capabilities by increasing modem speed and enabling operation at 80 MHz bonded Wi-Fi channels.

Paired with Celeno’s OptimizAir technology, service providers can offer whole home coverage to multiple connected devices while mitigating interference in dense deployments.‬

"iiNet sees 802.11ac as a great opportunity to give our customers a product with the best service and performance available," said iiNet chief product officer Stephen Harley "Celeno's OptimizAir technology allows us to use the new standard to its fullest, and provide our customers with, what we think, is the most effective solution and, ultimately, the best IPTV experience available."‬

The deal marks the second for iiNet with Celeno, following the announcement that the technology would be utilized throughout iiNet's Australian network in 2011.‬


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