TWC counters CBS blackout with free antennas

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 12:56pm
Brian Santo

Somebody at Time Warner Cable noticed something about CBS that CBS apparently forgot – CBS broadcasts free over the air. TWC is going to offer free TV antennas to customers who’ve been blacked out from viewing CBS delivered on its cable plant.

So while blacked-out TWC subscribers might not be able to pause or Start Over CBS shows, they’ll certainly be able to see them. That’s assuming they hadn’t figured that out for themselves already.

Of course, the move might backfire with basic tier subscribers who sign up just to get over the air (OTA) broadcast channels, but then again, the MSO’s current stated policy is to concentrate on customers who represent higher ARPU.

TWC said it has a limited stock of antennas to give out in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas-Ft. Worth. The operator is also handing out antennas in Milwaukee and Green Bay, where it’s in a similar dispute with the Journal Broadcasting Group.

The MSO said it has also partnered with Best Buy in those cities to provide $20 toward the purchase of any in-stock broadcast antenna at select Best Buy store locations.



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