Revolv has set the price of its new Smart Home Solution and has begun to take orders for the system, soon to hit the market.

The Revolv device includes a Wi-Fi Hub and a free cloud connectivity service plan for $299. It is designed to unify connected, off the shelf (OTS) home devices by providing a single interface (a smartphone app) to control all of them.

Devices that can be controlled through the Revolv system include the Sonos music system, Philips Hue wireless lighting, Yale automated locks, and several thermostats.

Revolv uses both cloud and local intelligence stored on its Hub, which the company says makes the system more responsive than other cloud-based only solutions.

Customers plug the Hub into any centrally located outlet in their home, and upon being plugged in it is supposed to connect to the home Wi-Fi network. Once connected, the Hub and App work together to automatically discover any wireless devices already installed in the home. Other devices are added with a plug-and-play or push button discovery, the company said.

The device is scheduled to hit the market sometime this fall.