Midcontinent gears up for network expansion

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 12:20pm
Mike Robuck

Starting in October, Midcontinent Communications will begin a 15-month expansion project that will span nearly 270 miles between its network operations in Sioux Falls, S.D. and the 511 Building in Minneapolis.

The 511 Building is a secure redundancy center housing back-up and offsite disaster redundancy for over 150 network companies throughout the United States. The 511 also serves as a connection point and interchange for the companies allowing their customers to interact and share data across the networks.

The project will provide Midcontinent with a third access point to the 511 Building, directly connecting Sioux Falls to Minneapolis through southern Minnesota. Midcontinent said the project would deliver an increased level of service for customers in that area with upgraded underground fiber. The third connection also provides enhanced redundancy for the Northern Plains Network (NP NET) across all of Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.  

“Midcontinent already has two connections to the 511 Building; however, this third link will give us even better security and redundancy for our entire network,” said Jon Pederson, vice president of technology for Midcontinent Communications. “In addition, Internet traffic is increasing at a rate of over 70 percent per year; this endeavor gives us the lead to deliver the innovative products and services our customers demand for their homes and businesses. At over 200 gigabytes per second this enhancement places Midcontinent at the top of the game, once again.”

On Monday Midcontinent announced it would begin expansion to Dickinson, North Dakota this fall, pending regulatory approval. Midcontinent already provides network services in Dickinson through statewide contracts. This expansion would bring additional service options to local residents and businesses.

Midcontinent serves more than 275,000 residential and business customers in North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.


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