RCN Business Services has forged a partnership with two other companies that will enable free Wi-Fi access in the Boston area.

RCN Business is working with DAS Communications and Pacific Telemanagement to help launch FreeBostonWiFi in two locations in downtown Boston. RCN’s piece of the puzzle is providing the backhaul necessary to connect the small cells to the core network. The network will leverage existing infrastructure, including traditional pay phone booths.

"The partnership is giving new life to telephone booths that have almost become extinct due to the evolution of the cell phone," said Jeff Carlson, vice president and general manager, RCN Boston. "RCN Business Services is proud to partner with DAS, LCC and PTS because it's our priority to provide customers with access to the latest technology they need to conduct their lives. Small cell and Wi-Fi technology deployed through this partnership is another step toward delivering high quality wireless by lighting up hot spots in Boston using RCN's unparalleled fiber network."

The partnership’s launch of FreeBostonWiFi is in conjunction with a trial with DoIT, the City of Boston's Department of Innovation and Technology. FreeBostonWiFi is slated to expand to a wider phase of deployment by midsummer.