Bright House Networks subscribers in Tampa and Central Florida will be able to tap into a new DOCSIS 3.0-based tier that features up to 90 Mbps on the downstream and 10 Mbps up. reported that its Bright House Networks forum users were discussing the company’s new Lighting 90 tier. According to those posts, Lightning 90 will work with DOCSIS 3.0 modems from Motorola, Arris and Ubee, but not SMC Networks.

Bright House Networks is currently letting customers sign up for Lightning 90. Lightning 60 subscribers can upgrade to upgrade to Lightning 90 for as little as $15 more per month while Turbo customers can add Lightning 90 for as little as $30 more per month, plus tax and equipment.

In January, Bright House Networks increased the download speed of its top data tier to 60 Mbps across its footprint, while offering small- and medium-size businesses a new speed of 70 Mbps.
 Both tiers featured upstream speeds of up to 5 Mbps.

Bright House Networks, which is the nation's sixth-largest cable operator, first launched its wideband service in Tampa Bay – where it competes against Verizon – in 2009.

Last year Verizon announced a new tier that featured 300 Mbps down, 65 Mbps up. While the superfast new tiers have been good for bragging rights among the service providers, the costly monthly fees have kept them from being broadly adopted by subscribers.