Device Cloud Networks (DCN) said it will adopt Cycle 30’s back office management products to handle billing, provisioning, rating and diagnostics.

Cycle30 will enable DCN customers, representing some of the world’s largest telecommunications operators, to monetize connected devices on their networks.

DCN specializes in machine-to-machine (M2M) enablement. One of its announced customers is WorldCell, a cellular company that also specializes in M2M connectivity. The two companies share a management team led by Blake Swensrud, who is president and CEO of both.  

DCN said it chose Cycle 30 in part because of its experience in the service provider market. Cycle 30 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GCI, which developed its own back-office systems, and then spun that operation out as Cycle 30.

“When architecting our M2M platform, we were looking for a true solution partner for back office management,” said Swensrud. “We have found that partner in Cycle30—their capabilities, their skills, and their partner-approach are exactly what we sought.”

The DCN service delivery platform for supporting connected devices is available as an all-inclusive platform or as individual services and encompasses device management, connectivity management, and application enablement. The platform contains a set of features that are built to deliver true application enablement, achieved through a “storefront” of Web Services APIs that are specifically designed for both the creation and support of M2M applications, the company said. These services are combined with a library of translations that convert the various device communication protocols into a common format, normalized to any application. The architecture is completely open, allowing developers to use any programming language they wish without the constraints of a typical design environment.