AT&T is beefing up its shared data plan offerings for the enterprise, introducing huge 30, 40 and 50GB iterations of the service. 

The plans start at $300 per month—plus a $10-$30 per device fee, depending on the type of device—and go up to $500. Current mobile share plans offer buckets of 1 to 20GB.

In addition, AT&T will now offer new data-only plans (with buckets ranging from 4 to 50GB) and pooled data plans for business customers bringing more than 25 devices into the fold. The pooled plan features buckets ranging from 300MB to 10GB.

Verizon features similar shared plans for businesses, including 30, 40 and 50GB plans starting at $225 per month (plus per device fees) and go up to $375.

To go along with its bigger shared data plans geared toward the enterprise, AT&T also recently announced it had expanded its Unified Communications offerings by adding Microsoft Lync, a video conferencing service, to its portfolio.