Using Broadband Stimulus financing, OmniTel Communications has deployed Adtran’s Total Access broadband platform in parts of Iowa.

Omnitel is a RUS (Rural Utilities Service) grant winner; its network expansion is in accordance with efforts by the Iowa Broadband Deployment Governance board to make high-speed broadband service more widely available in rural areas of the state.

Omnitel is deploying Adtran’s Total Access 5000 system and the vendor’s Active Ethernet fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) solution to reach over 7,000 subscribers across the state.

“We had heard from other colleagues, using other vendor platforms, that getting FTTH services deployed was a challenging process. With Adtran our installation was seamless and our network was up and running quickly without any issues,” said Bill Knoop, plant manager at OmniTel Communications.

OmniTel Communications, headquartered in Nora Springs, Iowa, was founded in 1904 as a rural independent telephone company. It serves 14 communities in northern Iowa.