Sprint today announced Sprint Phone Connect for Wholesale, a product for MVNOs to provide their customers with a home phone service without the need for a landline or broadband service.

Sprint Phone Connect is a plug-and-play device that enables end users to plug their current office or home landline phone into the Sprint Phone Connect device, and calls will then be carried over Sprint's CDMA network.

The solution is compatible with most conventional corded and cordless phones and will allow business and consumer users to replace their landline service while keeping those features familiar to the landline service.

“More and more, landline customers are cutting the cord, and Sprint Phone Connect gives Sprint’s MVNOs a prime opportunity to retain those customers,” said Ben Vos, vice president of wholesale operations for Sprint.

Services available with Sprint Phone Connect include voicemail, Caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling and call forwarding.

The Sprint Phone Connect device also has built-in GPS to support 911 calling and battery backup, so the service stays up even when the power goes down.