Wipro paves way for prepaid broadband

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 3:59pm
Brian Santo

Wipro Technologies introduced a service that will enable cable operators to offer video, broadband and telephony on a prepaid basis.

The prepaid approach, which aims to reduce cost and credit obstacles, has proven to be a practical option for many wireless telephony customers, including many in unserved or underserved markets.

Wipro Technologies expects the exact same plan could similarly prove popular with those segments of the population that do not currently have broadband connections.

Wipro Technologies’ service, called Wipro Accelerate, enables operators to deploy prepaid packages without having to invest in new billing or product-support platform development.

The company expects that any operator that adopts the service will earn a positive return on investment, even at low price points.

Stephen Snyder, global head of business innovation for Wipro’s Global Media and Telecommunications Strategic Business Unit, said: “At a time when broadband is seeing migration to usage-based models, prepaid packages offer the industry new opportunities to study customer behavior and attitudes and create packages that are aligned to specific needs. In addition to opening up new market segments, we believe Wipro Accelerate can provide a unique platform for experimentation regarding broadband pricing and packaging, as well as a vehicle for educating subscribers regarding the cost-per-megabyte of broadband service.”


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