Time Warner Cable picks joint messaging platform from Openwave, Scality

Tue, 10/30/2012 - 1:52pm
Mike Robuck

Time Warner Cable has signed on to use a joint messaging platform from Openwave Messaging and Scality.

Openwave is a provider of universal messaging software offerings, while Scality’s specialty is storage infrastructure. The two companies created a strategic alliance, whereby Openwave Messaging bundles and resells Scality’s Ring Organic stateless storage as part of its Universal Messaging Suite.

Time Warner Cable picked the joint offering to ensure its messaging environment would be able to grow and scale dynamically with its business, and to ensure high availability and zero system downtime.

“The Openwave Messaging and Scality bundled solution puts us 18 months ahead of the market,” said Time Warner Cable’s Bill Webb, vice president of systems engineering. “It’s crucial that our systems are always on and always able to handle our variable peak load. We believe that with Openwave Messaging and Scality, we have the best solution for our needs.”

The two companies said stateless infrastructure provides an increase in reliability while decreasing operations costs for large-scale messaging systems. The system architecture uses an active-active design, with no single point of failure. With a no single point of failure implementation, hardware failures are automatically compensated for by the software, which reallocates resources on the fly. The automatic shifting and rebalancing of the load eliminates the need for urgent action and crisis management that would occur on a hardware failure in a different architecture.

With Scality Ring Organic, the storage is deployed on commodity server hardware, which further reduces the cost of the messaging platform.



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